Good Morning Oats

I felt much better this morning, with the exception of a heavy feeling in my head, my sore throat is almost gone.  I got in about 10 hours of sleep today and woke up with a growling tummy.

Big bowl of oats with all the goodies for topping.

1/3 cup rolled oats

1/3 cup milk

1/3 cup water

1/2 a mashed banana

1/2 tsp vanilla powder (always look for the best kind of vanilla and not the artificial ones, I used Bourbon Madagascar)

Toppings – a small piece of crushed homemade granola (which has oats, coconut, choco chips and walnuts), 1 tbsp toasted walnuts and a tsp of peanut butter (always look for all natural PB without hydrogenated oil, ingredient list should be just peanuts and salt).

The sun is in hiding today and that is bad news for the tons of laundry that I have yet to complete. 😦 I’m off to do more house stuff, then probably take a small nap in between as my head is killing me, and then lunch, followed by more house stuff.

Can’t believe it’s New Year’s eve tomorrow, and it’s time for reflections and a new set of resolutions! 🙂

See you later!





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