Down and Out

Hello everyone!  I was down and out almost the entire of yesterday with a bad sore throat, runny nose and a fever.  I’m feeling slightly better today and figured I’d better blog now before another nap is required due to the headache and fever.

Yesterday’s Lunch

I ate a very late lunch yesterday due to lack of appetite and my throat really bothered me.  I settled for toast (4 slices of walnut bread with olive oil spread and jam, PB and jam), Florida Natural’s orange juice (watered down with Spritzer sparkling water) and some grapes.

I ended up eating only 2 slices out of the 4.  My other half polished off the remaining half for dessert later in the night.

Yesterday’s Dinner

We had vegetable stew, sauteed french beans and brown rice for dinner.

Not a photogenic meal at all but it sure is tasty. Brown rice with sauteed french beans in onions, garlic and soy sauce.

Vegetable stew with carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, onions.  I call this the flu stew because I always make them when I’m feeling under the weather. :mrgreen:

I slept for almost 12 hours last night and woke up feeling groggy today.  Since it’s already noon, I jumped straight to lunch.  I was craving for something warm and soupy and so I had the stew and brown rice again.

With a sliced orange on the side for some vitamin C.

The weather was gloomy all morning and the sun just came out to play.  I’ll work my schedule around how I feel today, still need to get to that laundry!  For a little excitement mid week, we are going to watch Gulliver’s Travels tonight! 🙂  I’ve always liked Jack Black and hope this will be just as good.  Not sure what’s for dinner yet but most probably some thing light and healthy.


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