Cool Breakfast

I woke up to a bright and sunny morning and was craving a cool breakfast, a smoothie came to mind but I was too lazy and settled for a bowl of yogurt instead.


Yogurt Bowl:

– 1 cup of Yoplait Fat Free Mango Yogurt

– a handful of cranberry walnut orange granola

– pomegranate! (my favourite fruit at this time)  😀


We went to the Hilton for a late dinner yesterday and I didn’t take any picture because the place was quite crowded and I didn’t want to attract attention.  I tried a wide selection of food from the buffet table and if I remembered correctly, this is what I had:

– coconut rice with fish and sambal

– chinese braised cabbage with a bit of fried vermicelli and a pice of roasted chicken

– a small bowl of porridge

– 2 pieces of mini mango pudding cake

– fruits (watermelon, dragon fruit)

– and a small sausage from the fiance’s plate

Although it seemed like I have eaten a lot, but all these are in very small portions, so it ended up being not too bad.

Laundry and kitchen cleaning continues today, as well as the weekend prep for the week, lunch will most probably be another salad, and I have homemade baked beans in mind for dinner and that grocery trip that is yet to happen. 😦



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