Time to Cut Down

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since my last blog post, worn and life in general has gobbled up my time.  There are a lot of new recipes that I would like to share here in the next few days,  for I have been experimenting in the kitchen quite a bit, here are a few sneak peeks on some of the recipes that I will be putting up.

Chocolate Chip Muffin with Cream Cheese Frosting


Roasted Breakfast Potatoes


Walnut, Cranberry and Orange Granola



All these cooking experiment really had me excited eating healthy again, as I have been falling off the bandwagon a bit and have put on quite a few pounds. 😦  I’m determined to lose a few pounds and go back to my original ideal weight before the new year and I hope this blog will help keep me on track.

But it didn’t get off to a good start this morning because I had a bowl of really gross Swiss muesli for breakfast….:(, I think it went stale and I still have a lot left.


I also had a persimmon on the side and went for a lighter breakfast since it’s almost noon and I want to fit in a lunch around 2-3pm.  Today is catch up day where I have to put the house back together after a few months of neglect, first up would be the living room as Ramin’s students will be here for lessons in the next few hours, and up next will be the kitchen where I think I’ll be for the rest of the day, scrubbing and cleaning, and I’ll have to fit in a laundry, a grocery tip  and a lunch post somewhere in there too.

Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope you guys are off to a great start so far.


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