How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Mashed with lots of butter, mustard and mayo for me. :mrgreen:

Classic Egg Mayo, goes nicely with a croissant or an English muffin, and extremely easy to make.


Start off with fresh eggs, I use 4 in this recipe.


Hard boil the eggs – about 5-8 minutes.


Once cooked, run the eggs under cold water and peel them.


First, put in about a tsp of fine sea salt.


Next, add in about 1 tbsp of good quality Mayo.  I use the Tesco mayo.


And next, about 1 tbsp of mustard, you can also add wholegrain mustard, in this case, I use the English mustard.



I also added a 1tbsp of butter, if I have freshly ground black pepper, I would have added some as well, but I didnt’t have any. 😦

Mash it all up and you’ll get a delicious creamy egg mayo that you can put in sandwiches.  If you have some fresh dill, chop about a tsp and put it into the mix and this will greatly enhance the flavor of the eggs, dill and eggs work very well together.


Lunch…egg mayo in a croissant..


with some leftover pasta from the night before..


and some kiwi on the side.


And since that it’s a Saturday night, we decided to go out for dinner and ended up at our regular Italian joint…Vinneria!

We started off with some bubbly drinks.  Green apple Italian soda for him and a mocktail for me, it has got mango, grapefruit and Italian soda, quite tasty.


And then we ordered two appetizers to share, the eggplant crostini with kalamata olive paste.  There was too much olive paste in it and I didn’t really like it.


Also ordered peperonata, another appetizer which I <3….it goes very well with the bread that they put on the table to dip in balsamic and olive oil.


Bread basket!  I restrained myself and only had 3 pieces.


Then we ordered two pizza.  I forgot the name of this but I love it and always order this when I eat in this place.  It’s a thin crust pizza with grilled zucchini with some kind of cheese that taste like brie.


Then we ordered the pasta levornese, with logs of capers and olives.


By this time I was full but I couldn’t resist a slice of veggie pizza, which was really good.


And we can’t leave this place withuot ordering their famous tiramisu, which Ramin and I polished off. :)  This is by far the best tiramisu in town that I’ve ever tasted, although it’s pretty pricey, but you don’t really need to eat a lot of it because it’s so rich and delicious.


We went for some shopping before dinner and I splurged quite a bit on some facial products. :(  But I tell myself that’s it’s time to take care of my skin and use the most natural facial products that is within my price range.  This is the first time that I try using L’ocittane facial products and I will do a review of it for you guys sometime.  I also bought Burt’s Bee’s all natural lip gloss in Peony and I looove it!  Will talk about this in a nother post as well.

This morning I woke up feeling really hungry and went for a big bowl of musli and a kiwi.


We have a grocery trip planned as soon as Ramin finished his music classes, we have students that come to our house every weekend for guitar lessons.  I need to stock up on fruits and veggies asap we we have been liing off our stockpile of grains and bottles sauce because we have been so busy lately. :?  Going to plan a fun dinner tonight and hoping to relax with Eat Pray Love, I’ve got to finish this book before the movie comes out in Sept!  Can’t wait….I love Julia Roberts and James Franco.  I’m sure the chemistry between these two will be amazing. 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday and go do something you love!


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