Sunday Funday

Good morning! :mrgreen:

The long weekend is coming and going too fast, and today we have exciting plans! First stop would be this, the John Tempesta drum clinic tour; then we’ll probably have dinner out and do some shopping while we’re out.  And then it’s back home to prepare for another work week. 😦

This morning I concocted breakfast with some bread that I bought last night.

This bread is awesome, toasted and smeared with cheese or jam.


Caraway seed bread with Happy Cow Cheese on one and strawberry jam on the other, with sliced apples.

and some Costa Rica blend coffee with vanilla powder.


And as promised, we had burgers for dinner yesterday, but sadly, the patties weren’t very good. 😦


I forgot to take a picture of the patties, it was waaaay too small and thin, in that picture on the box, they are actually putting two patties together, one box only comes with 4 patties and it’s about RM5.00 per box.  I wouldn’t buy it again.

The other goodies that went into the burger was good though.


Tesco multigrain see bun with vegetarian patty, tomatoes, lettuce, onions and avocado, with coriander mint sauce.

Also had some macaroni and cheese from the other night.


and some onion rings and potato wedges…I only had about 3 onions rings and 2 wedges, fried food is not my favorite.


I bought some discounted sauces to try from Cold Storage when I was out shopping for groceries.


I didn’t buy the ketchup yesterday although that was the one that I was raving about in my earlier post, Muir Glen organic tomato ketchup, it’s really good and it doesn’t feel starchy like other cheaper tomato ketchup like Maggie.

The one on the left is Jalapeno sauce, which I bought at a huge discount, it can be eaten as a dip, a sauce or as a marinate.  I also bought another bottle of sauce – lime with coriander and mint, which goes quite well with the burger.

No plans for dinner tonight, hoping we could eat out so that I can take a break from cooking tonight!


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