All Caught Up and An Awesome Breakfast

Good Saturday afternoon! 😀

I’m all caught up on sleep now and feeling that I could conquer the world today, but first I got to conquer my laundry.

It is a beautiful Saturday afternoon, and I have nowhere to be, just want to reconnect with my animals before they forget how I smell like and enjoy a great breakfast.

Do you know what this is?


It’s smoothie in a bowl (SIAB)! It has been quite a sensation in the foodies’ blog world and I’m kind of late to jump on the band wagon.

Look at the pretty color!


What’s in it?






Fresh Sliced Mangoes

1 tsp organic wheatgrass powder


Topped with about 2 tbsp of Maple Pecan Crisp

It tasted as good as it looks, and adding the crisp makes it complete.  This is a perfect breakfast for summer, although it’s summer everyday in my country.



To balance out such a healthy breakfast, I had two baked hash browns. :mrgreen:


I can’t remember the last time I had hash browns, but I enjoyed every bite of these two little devils, with some organic Muir Glenn tomato ketchup, once you try this ketchup, you will never want to go back to Maggie’s tomato ketchup ever again.  If you have an oven, I would suggest that you bake any frozen fried food that you have, whether it’s hash browns, potato wedges, potatoes fries, curry puffs or Chinese dumpling; it’s way much healthier than frying them with oil.

All together now..


My body shop loot part 2


I also bought a lot of skin care products during the body shop sale..

Left to Right: Honey & Oat 3 in 1 Scrub Mask, Vitamin E Cream Cleanser (this is a also a makeup remover), that small bottle is solution for my pores and blackhead, Camomile gentle eye makeup remover and the Wild Cherry Body Scrub.

I’ve been using the Vitamin E cleanser, camomile eye makeup remover and the blackhead cream, and I have noticed that my skin is more supple and softer, I don’t see any reduction of the blackheads on my nose yet, but I was told I have to use it daily for a 2-4 weeks to notice the difference.  I’m currently using the St Ives Exfoliating Scrub, so I plan to finish that up before opening the Wild Cherry Body Scrub.

Also want to share some other great products that I’m using for my face and hair.  Please ignore the fur ball you see, trying to have a go at my shampoo bottle.


I’ve been using Nature’ Gate shampoo for my hair since last year and I’m really happy with the it, it smell great, it’s organic and and it’s reasonably priced, more expensive than the regular pharmacy brands, but it’s still affordable.

The Body Shop daily facial wash..


This is a great facial wash, it leaves my face smooth and soft after each application, and not dry and harsh like the Eversoft one that I’ve been using.  As you can see, I have a thing for fruity beauty products.

No plans to go out today, we are staying in and making burgers and macaroni and cheese for dinner! Oh, and watching Twilight Zone, this is such a classic series and I love the 1940’s and 50’s.

Enjoy your Saturday and eat lots of yummy food!


One response to “All Caught Up and An Awesome Breakfast

  1. what a NEATO brekkie! you are a fruit addict!

    woohoo nice series of products from bodyshop haul part2!
    i’ve used the honey oat scrub before..loved it!

    now now dun be lazy not to removed makeup alright 😀
    since you hav both VitE cream and camomile eye makeup remover!

    here kitty kitty! luvv furball! soo cuteeee

    a big bottle of shammpoo say 500ml goes a long way!
    easily lasted me 5 months 😀

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