Hello all, I’ve been rolling along since yesterday.  I have been busy with a conference after work yesterday evening, so we ended up with take out…our go to vegetarian place nearby.

Plate 1 – vegetarian fried rice with sambal


Plate 2 – sweet and sour fish with rice and veggies


A great meal will be incomplete without dessert, we tore open this goodie box.


Chocolate Treasures…


I had a bite of the chocolate hazelnut praline and a raspberry liquer filling, and that was enough for me.  The boyfriend could have popped two more into his mouth when I wasn’t looking, but who’s counting.

I wasn’t feeling too well in the tummy after dinner and it could be due to two things – I had dinner around 10.30pm, which was quite late after my last snack at around 5pm.


Snacks – a mug of green tea and some Arnott’s ginger nut biscuits.

and a leftover Happy Cow cheese from lunch.


Although I was munching throughout the afternoon, it was surprising that I was still feeling some discomfort after dinner (heartburn), I have to keep monitoring my meal time and food to find out the cause.

This morning I had a coffee and a puff for breakfast….not recommended at all, especially caffeine in the early morning for my condition. 😦 But I didn’t want to starve until lunch and knew I needed to eat breakfast.


And I got lucky and got treated to lunch from a work mate, today is her last day! We went Japanese, not my favorite, but it wasn’t as bad either. 🙂

I don’t have any pictures right now of my brave culinary adventure, I will post it up soon once I got it downloaded from my friend’s camera.

Have a great long weekend everyone!


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