Savory Breakfast, and Loot

Morning everyone, I feel great today knowing we have a short work week due to Wesak day on Friday! 🙂

I couldn’t decide what to have for breakfast this morning and so decided to have yesterday’s dinner for breakfast, sounds disgusting but it’s actually quite delicious.

Savory porridge with carrots and salted eggs.


I was a mad woman at The Body Shop big sale over the weekend, I stocked up as though my life depended on it.  Here is a snippet of my loot…part 1.


I love The Body Shop products because it always works for my skin, although I have the tendency to stray and try out different brands, but I’ll always fall back to The Body Shop, not to mention most of the items are reasonably priced, and during a big sale which is once a year, most items are 30-50% off, and additional 10% for members! So you can imagine how wild I can get at this time of the year.

Clockwise: Oil Free Foundation with SPF15, lip gloss in blush rose, Laura Mercier Creme Brulee, bought this when I was walking by a Laura Mercier makeup counter..more on this later, a blush brush, slanted eye shadow brush, double intensity mascara, eye shadow set that comes with blush and another set of travel mini brushes.

I will review each and every of these items as I use them, the foundations is awesome <3, and so is the lip gloss.

I’ll keep the yakking for after lunch since I’ve managed to pack a decent lunch today and would like to brag about it later.  Meanwhile, may I present to you the real meaning of a couch potato…

Go away…I’m sleepy






And she took over my bed for the rest of the night…and I ended up falling asleep on the couch…



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