Picnic Style Lunch

We had a picnic style lunch at the office, sadly there’s not a patch of green grass in sight.. 😦

I packed up a variety of snacks and bread this morning to share because I didn’t have time to make sandwiches.

My plate.


Eggs with wholegrain mustard and mayo on walnut bread, another slice of walnut bread with apricot jam, Honey Dijon Kettle chips and cucs.  This lunch was yummy and filling, and good for sharing with friends.

Then we got naughty with this. 😳


This is really good dark chocolate that I bought last July, it has been in my fridge for almost 6 months! And as you can see, I gave a quarter of the bar away to JooLyn in the zip-lock bag, practicing self control here.

Then I was captivated with the smell of this ridiculously aromatic coffee beans. :mrgreen:


Vanilla Caramel Limited Edition Beans from Coffee Bean, I could have eaten the ground coffee in spoonfuls….I had about 1/2 a cup, although I know I should restrain from caffeine right after my lunch.

This coffee reminded me of this hand cream..which I can also eat by the spoonful if permitted. 🙂


Dessert in a tube, I smell like a walking creme brulee after applying this on my hands, and occasionally have the strong urge to chew my hand off.. 😯

Planning to have pesto for dinner tonight, and maybe pairing it with some roasted veggies, see you tonight for a dinner recap!


One response to “Picnic Style Lunch

  1. i was part of this medley lunch too! thanks a bunch babe!
    the lauraMercier creme brulee is SINFUL~~ eh!
    once i’m done with all my other handcream i’ll swing back to this flavor or the vanilla almond~~

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