Breakfast at Noon

Good afternoon! :mrgreen:

We got back very late last night from the movie, a spontaneous decision to watch The Lovely Bones, but I love it! A great movie adapted from a book from Alice Sebold in The Lovely Bones.  It’s a story about a 14 yr girl who got murdered and watches from the afterlife as her family and friends struggles to cope after her death. while she’s trying to come to terms wit her own death.

We went for a late night show and grabbed pizza from the Yellow Cab for dinner.


We came home at 3am and went straight to bed.

This afternoon, I woke up and was feeling dehydrated from the pizza yesterday, so I made a batch of smoothie.

I topped mine with Tesco’s Maple Pecan Crunch for some…..crunch. 🙂


The mix:

5-6 forzen starwberries

2 frozen bananas

1/2 cup of yogurt ( I use Farmer’s Union Greek yogurt)

1 cup of orange juice (I use Florida’s Natural No Pulp)

a splash of milk

2 tbsp of ground flax

2 tbsp of Tesco Maple Pecan Crunch for topping

Munch Crunch Yum..


We’ll probably have lunch around 3pm followed by a late dinner around 9pm.  I have some house work planned this afternoon around the house and will probably run some errands as well in the evening.  We’ll probably be cooking at home tonight.

Have a good Saturday!


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