Hi all..I’ve been battling with a bad flu and cough, therefore nothing exciting in the food department.  I’ve been eating porridge for two days.


This is a vegetable porridge cooked with carrots, potatoes and mushrooms, with ground black pepper and some chili flakes sprinkled on top for flavor.

And during the weekend, the other and I embarked on a culinary adventure and bravely walked into the Ikea cafe/restaurant, which I’ve heard so many good thing about…especially their meatball.    Although we are vegetarians most of the time, we do occasionally eat meat, not because we carve for it, but just to be able to taste different types of cooking and see how we can turn certain dishes that we like into a vegetarian one.  And if certain restaurants are well known for certain meat based dishes, we will try it as well, with the intention to replicate and try to make it ourselves at home using healthier ingredients and preferable vegetarian.



You can see the meatballs peeking out from underneath the fries..totally not worth it, it reminded me of canteen food and I honestly don’t understand the fuss surrounding these legendary Ikea meatballs.  I had two balls and the boyfriend ate the rest.

I also ordered the penned with tomato and basil sauce..which had a strong “canned” tomatoes taste.DSCN2036

Feeling sorry for ourselves, we went home and redeemed ourselves with some chocolate covered apples! 🙂


These are melted Lindt milk chocolate slathered on top of apples.

We also had some delicious cookies with hot tea.


We left for Singapore in the afternoon the following day, and I packed a delicious lunch to go in the morning.


A cheese sandwich and some carrots on the side.


Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, strong cheddar on Tesco’s multigrain bread with whole grain mustard and Heinz roasted garlic mayo.

We reached our destination around 7pm, checked into the hotel and headed to the night safari!

We bought tickets and then went for a quick dinner.


This place has got a funny name..:)

The food was typical fast food style, something I’ve not had in a while, I tried to to go something healthier and opted for the pepper chicken burger.


The burger buns were miserable, but the chicken was pretty good, not too oily and very flavorful, I had about 1/2 the fries and 1/2 the burger and the boyfriend ate the rest.  I didn’t want to stuff my face because I was leaving plenty of room for dessert. :mrgreen:


Sorry about the blurry picture, but I can assure you that this bowl of mix n’ match was delish!  I’ve got a new love!! Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate & vanilla ice cream with fudge coated macademia…it was heavenly.  We ordered this to share with three falvors, chocolate fudge brownie, chocolate vanilla macademia ❤ and cookies and cream.

Then I went greedy and also ordered a chocolate shake..:( bad idea because it was waaay too sweet and that bowl of ice cream was actually enough.


And we got an extra scoop of ice cream FOC because they were supposed to give me New York Super Fudge Chunk instead of chocolate fudge brownie for the mix n’ match.  At this point, I was beginning to feel a bit sick, but I felt better once I moved around walking in the safari.

Nevertheless, I still love Ben & Jerry’s. 🙂


The next day before the show, we went to Al Dente for dinner, an Italian restaurant at the Esplanade.

I ordered the Aglio e was meh…way too spicy and oily, lacking the garlicky flavor that I love in Aglio e Oglio.


We also shared the bruschetta topped with arugula, goat cheese and tomatoes, this was ok except that they put too much arugula, look at how small the bruschetta is and how much greens were on top!


We also shared the minestrone, which wasn’t great, doesn’t taste made from scratch at all.


And lastly a primavera pizza.


Again, too much arugula and the veggies were too chunky, the flavor was there but they need to work on presentation and chopping the veggies into smaller pieces. 😦

We were 5 minutes late for the show because they started right on time, who would have thought..but then I was wasting some time fiddling with the concert t-shirt…thinking if I should buy, but bought it in the end because it was cute.  I will post a pic later on.

I couldn’t take a good picture in the concert hall because cameras were not allowed…so this is a really lousy picture.. 😦


The show was only about 1 hr 15 minutes and we started our drive back to KL around midnight after picking up the housemate’s cousin from her place.  She was coming back with us to KL to stay for 2 days.

We reached home around 6am in the morning and I managed to clock in 2 hrs of sleep before heading to work.  It was a good trip overall, if it wasn’t for my flu, I would have enjoyed it more, but it was still fun that I get to see Dinosaur Jr at the Esplanade for the first time! 🙂


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