Great Long Weekend

Hey everyone, I hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far.  Green Day in Singapore was awesome!  We really enjoyed the show and I feel honored to get to see them.


We arrived in Singapore around 6pm and checked into YWCA before heading to the show, we grabbed Subway sandwiches because we ran out of time for a proper dinner.  We should have eaten a better dinner if we knew that the show started an hour late!

Lots of pictures taken before the show because we were bored waiting. 🙂



A few taken during the show…




Can’t say we went to a show without buying a T-shirt – although it’s a ripoff @ $40!

DSCN1836We drove around in the city after the show looking for a good late night restaurant, couldn’t find any and ended up with an Indian-Muslim stall selling noodles and bread.  No pictures because my batteries died. 😦

The next day, we had a decent breakfast at the hotel and then we were headed into the city for some shopping.

Ad look what I’ve found!!!!!  I had one and I somehow lost it, and I’m so glad I found another one at the Swatch shop in Plaza Singapura.

This watch is called the Red Sunday, I love it’s color and the simplicity of the design.


We also bought some whey protein drink from GNC and some other vitamins and herbal vitamins we couldn’t find in KL.


Later that day, we celebrated someone’s birthday by indulging in some Awfully Chocolate, apparently this place is quite famous for their chocolate cake and ice cream, I love their store’s concept, very simple and chic.





We had a late dinner in Johor before driving home, and reached back around 8am in the morning, after that we went straight to SPCA for dog training. 

The boyfriend needed to get something KL after the training, and while he was in the guitar shop, I came across a fabric shop that has got cotton fabric on sale!


Food was a bit random because I was feeling tired and was running around with very little sleep, so I made burgers for dinner yesterday and today.


A bean burger with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard and a slice of strong cheddar.


Good night!


2 responses to “Great Long Weekend

  1. fantastic post! so much to seee & soo random too*hehee

    GREENDAY rox your sox out! hehe sure is crowded!! dookie, live at tokyo, nimrod..are my fav albums from them

    great lurving pics of you with you S.O~~~

    yay! for new swatch!!! red sunday~~

    awfully chocolate~~ i too savor them at HK! interesting concept bout the simple chic contemporary design..

    so more sewing projects coming right up~~ cool!!

  2. hullo!

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