Rush Rush Rush

Where did the time go? So breakfast for dinner didn’t happen, we ended up with Niche, I had a hot pot rice which was pretty yummy…no pics because I was too tired and my camera battery died. 😦

And then this morning, I used the the remaining pancake batter in the fridge and made more pancakes, well, SC did.  Someone in the office brought back chocolates from Europe, and I chose a dark chocolate wafer to eat with my iced coffee this afternoon.


And we got Indian food for dinner tonight @ Chat Masala, our favourite Indian restaurant, I didn’t have the energy to cook even though there is food in the fridge.


Paneer (curd cheese) dosa with masala chicken & fried fishball, quite spicy but oh so tasty.  Chat masala is a vegetarian restaurant that server excellent traditional indian food in the veggie version, I have not really tried anything that I didn’t like on their menu so far.  Going to watch an episode of Holmes and have some dessert with the boyfriend before hitting the sack.



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