It’s Friday!

Hi everyone, I hope you are having a wonderful week so far.  I have been eating out a lot this week as you can see, but time just did not permit for me to do any cooking even though I’ve wanted to.

This morning was such a rush that I didn’t have any breakfast.. , so I ended up having an early lunch at a new vegetarian cafe we found.  It’s callsed MG vegetarian cafe that serves noodles, rice, and even western food.

I ordered something called the famosa noodles, recommended by the waitress and it was bleh.  I should followed my instincts and got the curry or mushroom noodles instead.

DSCN1750 The noodles reminded me of Maggie mee..ewwww, and the soup tasted strange.  On the other hand, the veggie dumplings were wonderful.

DSCN1749I had one of these dipped in soy sauce.

SC’s “fried gken” was much better and it came with a side of coleslaw……pretty yummy.

DSCN1751We have plans to cook dinner tonight by making use of the remaining marinara sauce that I have made beginning of the week.  We’ll probably make some steamed/grilled veggies and pasta to go with it.

See you after dinner if I’m not too tired to post.  I have an early morning tomorrow as I’ll be going out of town for a day to get my hair permed.


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