Movie Night

We ended up with a movie yesterday evening at the spur of the moment and came home at midnight! 😳 Sherlock Holmes was fun to watch but nothing beats Jeremy Brett in the old Sherlock Holmes TV series.  I don’t like the fact it was made into a action/comedy kind of movie, because Holmes is supposed to be a prim and proper character, but at the same time eccentric and unpredictable, he is a complicated chap and I like Jeremy’s portrayal of Holmes much better. But of course Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law is a killer combination for eye candies. 😉

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel very hungry when we reached home after midnight, it must have been a few handful of caramel popcorn consumed during the movie, 🙂 all I wanted was to crawl under the covers and get some shut eye, but the boyfriend needs to eat so I reheated the Alfredo sauce and some pasta for him, and warm up some soup for myself.

Amy’s Organic Chili..


Eaten with a piece of multigrain bread.



The chili was so spicy!  And I know a lot of food bloggers rave about Amy’s range of soups, but I somehow don’t really like it, I have tried a few different kinds and it always had some kind of can/tin taste to the soups which reminds me of…well, canned soups.  I bought Amy’s at Country Farms Organic and I still have a few more cans to eat up, I don’t think I will buy it again.

Breakfast – Wed, Dec 6

Breakfast wasn’t very healthy, but it was the quickest thing I could grab while working on a deadline this morning.

Florida’s Natural OJ with some Famous Amos chocolate chips cookies.

DSCN1739 I had these around 10.30am, so it was just nice to tide me over till lunch.

For lunch I had a big bowl of Chinese noodles (plank noodles) with lots of veggies because I was craving this after a long break from work.


And a small iced coffee…supposed to be cutting down on this 😦


SC is making dinner tonight and she have requested to make breakfast for dinner!  I have to work on more work stuff tonight so I guess I’ll leave the kitchen to her, and hopefully my kitchen will survive. 😉


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