Dreary Day

Hello, a cold and rainy day outside, and freezing cold in the office too. 😦

Pancakes got me out of bed this morning, I had 3 medium sized ones drizzled with maple syrup while working on my spreadsheet this morning, with some Florida’s Natural orange juice on the side, the perfect breakfast, it would be even better if the pancakes is whole-wheat, but I have a box of Pillsbury to finish up as I can already see a few weevils in it…ewww.


I had a wonderful lunch, which is a repeat of yesterday’s dinner… pasta alfredo & a greek salad with mango yogurt for dessert, yum…. This Yoplait mango yogurt is really good, creamy with chunks of mangoes in the yogurt, will definitely buy it again.

I made tons of marinara sauce and we still have some alfredo sauce in the fridge, to make our dinner more exciting tonight, I’ll probably pan grill/steam some veggies to go with the sauce and I’ll have a little bit of pasta with it, and I’m sure we’re going to have some kind of dessert tonight….ice cream maybe? hmmmm……and Sherlock Holmes, the Jeremy Brett version….love the series! 🙂

Can’t wait for next Thursday & Friday as we will be heading down to Singapore for Green Day! & the Night Safari.  It’ll be a nice long weekend for us. Yay!

Have a great evening and I’ll see if I can muster up the energy to post my dinner later tonight.  Just heard the loudest thunder roaring through the sky..


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