The Organic Splurge

I have to stop buying organic products so often!  I’ll be broke in no time! 🙂

I bought some goodies from the Country Farm Organics today and I hope this will last me for a while.  Don’t have pictures yet but I will review each and every one as I open/use them.  I bought another can of Amy’s Organic Vegetarian Chili, Nature’s Gate Rose Geranium shampoo and conditioner, my current bottle is running out, it lasted for less than two months and I think I should be more thrifty with it. 😦 One bottle costs about RM28 and including the conditioner, it totaled to RM56!!  I’m bleeding right now, but it is so natural and I really love it.

I also bought nutritional yeast to try a vegan mac & cheese recipe, and a Country Farm Organics Wheat Grass powder, I want to give the Green Monster another try since the last time as I’ve heard so many great benefits from those who are drinking it.  Also, I’m going to start eating out during lunch tomorrow, I want to be good and bring lunch to work again. :)  I realized that I’ve been splurging quite a bit these past 2 weeks and it’s time to stop.  I’ll be making a batch of hummus tonight and cut up some fruits, I’m also planning to make some soymilk from scratch since I couldn’t find a good brand of soymilk to buy currently, more work but at least it’s 100% natural.  Tomorrow meals would be…

Breakfast: Banana & apple cinnamon oats

Lunch: Veggie Wrap – tortilla wrapped with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, hummus, avocado.  Kiwi fruit.

Dinner: Alfredo Pasta with blanched broccoli and carrots.

Sounds good, and now I just need to make sure i really prepare these meals. 😉

As per my usual pattern, I was rushing like a headless chicken this morning for a meeting at work, and ended up with an iced coffee for breakfast…bad me :(, then I ordered the brown rice vermicelli at Country Farm, which wasn’t really that great, it was quite tasteless.

DSCN1602 The vermicelli was buried under this huge pile of raw vegetables.

It came with a bowl of miso soup, eewwwww.


The housemate ordered the soy burger and she doesn’t recommend it at all, “dry and tasteless” were her exact words.


I also had a glass of organic soymilk to drink.  The Country Farm Organics is a restaurant as well as a shop, so I shopped after I ate, I really like the place and so I paid RM5 and joined as member to get some discounts! :)  I get 10% off on all off the shelve items and 15% for food (dine in or take out).  I’ll be heading over to Parkson shortly to convert some points into vouchers and I have a thing or two in mind, but depending if it’s worth to buy it with the points, then it’s grocery shopping, head home to have leftover fried rice, feed the gang (dogs and kitties) and hopefully get some sleep.

This is what I had yesterday, and what I’ll be having tonight., veggie chili fried rice….yum.DSCN1601

And just for the record, I had a square of this amazing, gorgeous dark chocolate this afternoon, it was so good that one tiny square is enough to satisfy my sweet cravings. 🙂


Are you an organized freak?

DSCN1607 I know I am one, yes, that is my printed calendar for November and a to-do list.  I need these things to keep my life in check because if not, my mind will be racing all day thinking of what I should be doing but forgotten to do and missed my deadlines and then have nightmares at night about it.  My housemate once told me that I’m a control freak, but sometimes it’s good to have good a grasp on things going on in your hectic life, don’t you think? 🙂

Have a great Tuesday evening everyone, and remember, Tuesday is closer to Friday than Monday. 😉


One response to “The Organic Splurge

  1. yea cut down on your expenses woman! heehhee
    its only beginning of the month 😛

    your menu sounds deliciousssss

    yea! Country Farm cafe food is really bland and tasteless
    not to mention small portion too lol
    we shall visit this cafe lesser 😛

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