It’s That Easy

I’ve got two free tickets to the Leonardo Da Vinci’s exhibition at the National Science Center! Weeeeeeee……, blog about the exhibition and get two tickets for free, it’s that easy, please refer to my previous post for details, hurry because the 100 tickets will run out very soon!

I spent a relaxing Sunday at home yesterday….more precisely a very lazy Sunday, I’ve been napping all afternoon. 😳

A certain mutt was also having a good nap, that was not me in the picture, it’s my housemate.

DSCN1552I’ve been eating a lot of food which I can’t remember since the last time I blogged, Thai food, noodles, pizza, chips, frozen yogurt, ice-cream, sandwiches and more noodles.

I bought a small chocolate hazelnut gelato at Mid Valley after my exam….it was quite yummy indeed.


It has got hazelnut chunks in every bite and it’s supposed to be fat free as well!


We also went for some Thai food at the Mid Valley food court for lunch, the food was bleh. 😦 We ordered a green veggie dish with chili, it was waay too spicy that I almost choked at every bite.


We also ordered the tomyum veggie soup, no veggies in it at all, except for some onions and tomatoes…..oh and it’s tasteless.


We ordered the sticky mango for dessert, which was just ok, the mangoes wasn’t sweet enough.


But we had fun nonetheless. 🙂 A girls’ lunch out.

Picture 134

SPCA doggie training was cancelled on Saturday due to heavy rain, 😦 so I spent the morning doing some work around the house instead, and in the afternoon, I went for a dog nutrition talk at The Curve.  I didn’t really get a good picture, my hand was shaking when I took the pictures. 😦

New Products Highlight

I got a bunch of new stuff to try at the Country Farms Organic last Friday.  Check out the loot, all at a discounted price! 🙂

DSCN1559 Amy’s Organic soups!!!!Finally, I found these babies.  I bought the chunky tomato bisque and the fire roasted southwestern soup to try, vegetable bouillons to make noodles and veggie soup, also a cocoa mix for the boyfriend’s hot chocolate fix.  Do you know anyone else who gets excited with food shopping? 🙄 It’s even better than clothes shopping, because you can actually eat it. 🙂

I also got some goodies from my dear friend JooLyn, I gave her some goodies and she gave me something back in return. 🙂

DSCN1561 She put all the goodies in a nice Victoria’s Secret pouch, (left to right) Loccitane shampoo and conditioner samples, face masks, lip gloss and eye shadow, another lip gloss stick standing next to the bag, yay!  It’s like Christmas…

I bought this frozen yogurt a few weeks ago and tried some yesterday, it was quite yummy, the Bulla mix wild berries frozen yogurt.


I had about 1/2 a cup with some Hershey’s milk chocolate chips.


And I may have had a tablespoon or two of B&J’s Chunky MonKey straight from the pint. ;)  It was definitely an ice-cream kind of day.

Another work week has started and can you believe it’s already November???

Have a good day everybody! 🙂


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