Leonardo da Vinci in Kuala Lumpur

I have always been wanting to visit the Louvre in France to spend days admiring all the greatest paintings in the world, and my dream has partly come through, because the Leonardo da Vinci’s travelling exhibition is now in Kuala Lumpur at the National Science center. 🙂

Come and take a walk down Leonardo da Vinci’s extraordinary journey and much celebrated life, through his paintings, inventions, writings, sculptures, architecture, music, scientific discovery and much more.

The National Science Center is located at Bukit Damansara in Kuala Lumpur.

Admission Charges:

Adult: RM25

Children: 20

I believe they also have a family, group and senior package.  Hop over to Daniel’s blog for more info, and you might stand a chance to win 2 tickets to the exhibit. 😉

I’m so excited to be going for this because as you know, the Monalisa and the Last Supper are some of the greatest paintings of all time.  I’d better give a warning to whoever who’s coming with me that I’ll be spending hours in there looking at every single exhibit, I’ll probably be staring at some of the paintings for at least 30 minutes each.   It’s like stepping into a candy store or a toyshop for adults.  Just a little history about Leonardo da Vinci, according to Wikipedia, he was born in Vinci (Florence), Italy in 1452 as an illegitimate son to a notary and a pheasant woman.  His early years was spent in Italy and towards the end of his life, he spent most of his time in France.  He is most known as a painter, the most legendary paintings of all time to name a few would be the Monalisa, The Last Supper and the Vitruvian Man.


The Monalisa, or “la Gioconda” (the laughing one), painted in the 1500’s.


Last Supper, painted in the 1490’s in Milan.


Leonardo’s interest in science & engineering is also reflected in a lot of his drawings, among the most famous…. the Vitruvian Man.

180px-Da_Vinci_Vitruve_Luc_ViatourLeonardo da Vinci is also known to be a vegetarian, and he would be a very interesting human that I would really like to know if I have lived in his period of time.  Parents should bring their children to visit this exhibition because I believe that it could change their lives, because when I learned about him in arts class many years ago, he has left a profound image in my mind and I’m always curious about this man who was an artist, a writer, an inventor, a scientist, an architect, not to mention many of his precise drawings are so articulate that it is unbelievable.  I hope they brought some of his journals to the exhibit…that would be something. 🙂

Good night everyone and have a wonderful Sunday tomorrow!


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