A Quick One

Hello, this is going to be a brief one because I’ve got an exam tomorrow morning and I need to study ASAP!

This week’s meals hasn’t been very balanced due to a crazy schedule, I’ve had two days of training for the said exam, and then I had to catch up on work which I’ve missed for the two days.  Cooking is not really an option in such a situation.  We have been surviving on my leftover coconut rice and take out so far, and I think tonight will either be a pizza or another take out night, yikes!!!  Healthy eating will resume this weekend, and I plan to make another banana nut bread. :)  It’s so good as a breakfast bread with a smear or margarine.

Yesterday, we went to Marmalade again for a farewell lunch, and I ordered the skewer veggies with brown rice, it was marvelous! 🙂

DSCN1547 The brown rice reminded me of paella, cooked with tomatoes, corn, carrots and some other veggies…. served with two skewers of perfectly grilled veggies (mushrooms, onions, leeks, bell peppers & tomatoes) and a serving of green veggies on the side with some kind of sauce that tasted like a cross between salsa and marinara.  It was delicious.


On my right is Nixon, the gust of honour who will be leaving to gnaw ton greener pastures.


Lunch partners.


I love my veggies.


I think that is the only highlight meal for the entire week.  We have been going through our leftovers because our goal is not to waste any food, and I have tons of produce at home waiting to be cooked.  I’m currently nursing a toothache so I reckon it would be vegetable soup tonight. 

Got to go and work on those test question!


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  1. All the best to you in your exam!

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