Weekend Culinary Adventure Part 2

Hello lovelies! :)  I hope you’ve had a wonderful Monday.  My birthday cake was a success, but I didn’t take any good pictures because I was a busy bee yesterday, cooking, cleaning and studying…phew.  I did managed to take picture while I was eating a piece at work today, although it’s not a very good one, but it still tasted good. 😉

DSCN1521 Betty Crocker’s moist chocolate cake with my own made Hershey’s semisweet chocolate frosting.  I’m very happy with the outcome considering that I’m using a crock pot to make this.  I’m so in love with my crock pot right now. 🙂

I also made nasi lemak (coconut rice with chili and curried potatoes) for the birthday boy yesterday, which is one of his all time favorite Malaysian food.


Nasi lemak topped with a fried egg.  We are trying to gradually reduce our eggs & dairy intake, so having a fried/boiled egg will be quite rare in the future.

I had some homemade coffee for breakfast today and nothing else because I was rushing to join a training at work in the morning, and I had coconut rice and and some chocolate cake for lunch.  Dinner will be coconut rice again since we still have leftovers!!  I won’t be posting up my meals until tomorrow, I’m planning to make some hummus for wraps!

Have a good evening. 🙂


2 responses to “Weekend Culinary Adventure Part 2

  1. nyum nyum… you’re good at cooking 🙂

  2. Hey cantik, you should try “baking” with a slow cooker. It’s just as good as baking with an oven. My next attempt at slow cooker baking would be a vegetarian lasagna! 🙂

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