Same Old

Guess what I had for dinner tonight?


I love this soup, but a girl can only take so much. :(  I’m planning to freeze the remaining portion if there is still leftover tonight.  My friend JooLyn asked me today if this an economical soup to make.  I have been trying to waste less food and eat what I have in my fridge before buying more food recently and this soup was actually an attempt to clear up some items from my veggie drawer.  So it is definitely an economical soup to make and as you can see, I made a big pot 3 days ago and I still have leftovers! 🙂

To give you a rough breakdown on how much it would cost to make this soup:

zucchini RM2

carrots RM1

potatoes RM1

celery RM1

fresh herbs RM3

beans RM6

pasta RM2.50

tomato juice RM8

garlic & onion RM1

cheese RM5

Please note that the amount I put is referring to the quantity of veggies and beans that I used, not the whole price that I paid for a bag of carrots for instance.  As you can see, it only costs about RM30 to make this that can last me more than 3 meals, and also note that I have 3 people in my house consuming this.  This means that with RM30, I can feed 3 people for more than 3 meals.

I also made some salad to have with the soup but I guess I wasn’t as hungry as I thought.  This would be the boyfriend’s lunch tomorrow.  I’m off to bed in bit and there will be no dessert for me tonight as I had been indulging in ice cream for the past two nights. 🙂 I’ll save it for tomorrow when we’re watching Ice Age 3!  I finally got a copy and can’t wait to watch it!



One response to “Same Old

  1. thanks for the breakdown!
    now come to think bout it…if can feed so many mouth with that pricing i guess its savvy 😀

    my minestrone groceries cost me rm50 – and its for 6-7mouths
    definitely cheaper then going out and order a minestrone soup for one at rm18!!

    wish me luck on my 1st attempt kakakaka!

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