Soup Overdose

I think I had too much soup yesterday and I opted for a vegetarian takeout instead.  Very bad of me but at the same time I’m a girl that needs variety when it comes to food. ;)  We went to our usual joint, Niche and I ordered a claypot tofu with rice for myself and a noodle dish for the boyfriend.  This place serves the best Chinese vegetarian food hands down.

DSCN1433 Claypot tofu – soft tofu cooked in a brown sauce with mushrooms, chinese cabbage, soy chicken, carrots and ginger.

Niche is a Buddhist vegetarian restaurant, so they do not put onion and garlic into their dishes.  You can read more about why the Buddhist abstain from eating garlic and onion here.  I do not follow a strict Buddhist vegetarian diet, because I love my garlic and onions :), and furthermore, I become a vegetarian not because of religion, but my love for all living creatures and all the negative effects of eating meat will bring to the environment.

Enough said on the topic, let’s move on to more exciting stuff, I had another bowl of the yummiest ice-cream after dinner yesterday.. 😀


Ben & Jerrys, not good for my health but it satisfies my tummy and sweet tooth. :mrgreen:

I was up working until the wee hours in the morning and had to rush to work today.  No breakfast yet but hoping I could have an early brunch/lunch.  One of the main reason that I started this blog is somewhat of a commitment to myself to lead a healthier lifestyle and diet.  I want to be consciences about everything that I do, including how I feed myself, where is my food coming from and how it affects the environment.  One of my resolution this year is to eat healthy and take care of my health, because honestly, health is the most precious thing and the only valuable asset that we’ll ever have.

Some friends have asked why I blog about everything that I eat, I have been inspired by a lot of great healthy lifestyle/ eating blogs, from EatLiveRun (Hi Jenna! If you ever read this blog someday…), Kath Eats, and EatLikeMe. and it is also a way for me to deliver a message to those who are weary of eating more greens, because honestly, my culinary skill and the sophistication of my taste buds have improved so much after embracing a greener diet.  It teaches me about creativity and that not all dishes require meat to be tasty and acceptable.

Right, so I think I really didn’t get much sleep last night to be ranting like this. 😉

I had a very heavy lunch this afternoon, Chinese flat noodle in light broth.  I couldn’t finish the whole bowl because it was huge, I ate most of the veggies and 1/2 of the noodles.



Not sure what’s for dinner yet, but it’ll probably be veggie wraps and more soup???!!

What is in Your Makeup Bag?

Before I end this long post, I’m always curious to know what is in other people’s makeup bag. :)  I have changed mine from a huge bag to a mini bag cause I find it easier to carry around in my purse.

Some of the items that I can’t leave home without…

DSCN1323 My new red earth mini makeup bag given by a friend (Hi JooLyn! :)), Avon lipstick in Taupe, Body Shop mango & peach lip balm, Body Shop blush brush (in silver), Bobbi Brown blush, Bobbi Brown lipstick brush and Clinique High Definition mascara. The blue square thing is my portable mirror.  I usually tote these around wherever I go and I keep my makeup to a minimum because I’m lazy. 😉

What do you have in your makeup bag?


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