Wrap It Up!

Happy Monday! Mr Big was awesome last night!  We had a very relaxed drive to Singapore and had plenty of time before the show.

DSCN1370 So we snapped more pictures.



The show started 1/2 hour late and lasted for 2 hours.


Blurry pic. 😦

I packed a great lunch to eat on the road – egg sandwiches, apples, grapes & chocolate, with lots of water and coffee to drink.

DSCN1355The crisp apple is one of the crispiest, sweetest most amazing apple I’ve ever eaten, with the exception of those I plucked straight from the apple tree and put it into my mouth when I was in Oregon one year back.

DSCN1356Egg sandwiches with mayonnaise, mustard, margarine, salt, black pepper, dill and chopped onions, garnished with cucumbers on Gardenia whole wheat bread.

We practically had Cheezels for dinner last night on the drive home, because we didn’t want to stop for food so that we could stay awake throughout the journey. 😦 We reached home at around 3am in the morning, which was great because I’ve managed to clock in a few hours of sleep before work today.

Meals the day before our road trip was pretty random, as we were running around like headless chicken to get everything ready.  It’s needs careful planning to leave our home with 7 dogs and 2 cats alone even for a night!  We had leftover curry from the other day.

DSCN1350 We went to Ikea & Tesco, so I bought a Coffee Bean ice blended vanilla, the only ice blended drink that I’ll buy.


We did a major grocery shop at Giant & Tesco, I was ready to chew my arm off when I reached home, so I made an omelet sandwich ASAP, upon reaching home.

DSCN1346 I made it with the herbed country french baguette I got from Giant, omelet with salt & pepper with brie.  It was amazing, although I would have preferred the bread to be whole wheat.  The herb on the bread was good but it felt too “airy”, perhaps because we hardly buy white bread anymore.

I also made wraps for lunch on Saturday.


Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, cucumbers, hummus, Nature’s Bake whole wheat tortilla.  Obviously, I was too excited and piled on the veggies until it could not be wrapped.


Yumminess all wrapped in one, with a glass of grape juice.



I also had a fair share of Maltesers over the weekend.

DSCN1324I look forward to sleep tonight and most probably soup is on the menu for dinner tonight with the remaining of the herbed baguette.

Have a great Monday!


2 responses to “Wrap It Up!

  1. fantastic post!! fun to read..and jolly mouth watering…
    mr.big!! BURN!

    i like your attitude t-shirt~~ save the earth~
    captain planet is one of my fav cartoon when i was a kiddo hehe

    am missing curry lol~~
    & you do the best sandwiches intown!

  2. Hey lovely, we’ll go have curry today. 😉 You’ve got to try my soup too and make it for your other half. 🙂

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