Curry Night

The curry was delicious as I made another big pot of curry last night from the leftover ingredients in my fridge.


Vegetarian coconut curry (potatoes, carrots, cabbage, eggplant, tofu and long beans).  I plan to freeze some of these for emergency meals.

My plate..

DSCN1317 I also made yummy kaya toast for a snack before dinner last night.  Kaya is a kind of sweet spread common in Malaysia made from coconut milk, sugar and eggs.  It is very tasty spread on toasted bread.


Kaya spread.


There are only 3 ingredients involved…santan (coconut milk), telur (eggs) & gula (sugar) with not preservatives.  There are some kaya that contains flavouring and preservatives.  Try to look for one which is all natural.  This is the only brand that I found does not contain preservatives and it tasted good.


The toast!  Toast 2 slices of bread and slather on margarine and kaya on both sides…yum!

DSCN1313 I ate all of this which was basically 2 slices of white bread.  I seldom buy white bread but for this spread, white bread will taste the best, so I guess it’s alright to consume white bread occasionally.

This morning I had an iced latte and a curry puff for breakfast, not healthy but absolutely necessary once in a while. 😉



A curry puff is a deep fried savoury puff with stuffing inside.  The usually stuffing would be curried potatoes/chicken or sardine.  It’s was very oily but it tasted so good.  I practically devoured this in 5 seconds flat!

I also had 2 small cookies at work, someone brought a box of cookies and sweets from Raya to work and I chose 2.  One was a kind of butter cookie with pineapple filling, and the other was a chocolate covered nutty cookie.

DSCN1320 It wasn’t very good but I ate it anyway because both were tiny.

Tomorrow is Deepavali, and tonight, I’m heading over to Ramin’s parents house for a short prayer which we do every year for the ancestors.  After that, we have plans to go to Tesco to stock up on ice cream! and other necessities of course. :)  On Sunday, we are driving down to Singapore in the morning, so I’ll be stocking up on some groceries so that I can pack lunch to eat on the road.  We’ll have a big breakfast at home on Sunday morning, and I’ll pack lunch for the road.  When we reached Singapore, we’ll grab dinner before heading to the show.  We have been invited to some open house tomorrow but we’re not sure if we’re going yet.  I still have tons of laundry to do and I would like to get the house in order before we leave on Sunday.  Dinner tonight would most probably be yesterday’s curry, or it could be pasta or something from the parents’ house.  We’ll see.

Happy Friday everybody.  I hope to blog consistently throughout the weekend but if time does not permit, I will do a full recap on Monday and let you guys know how the show went!


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