Need More Time!

I need more time in a day! Hello everyone, sorry to have been MIA for the past one week??!!  I have been up to my neck with everything in general and I’m finally able to see some light at the end of this long dark tunnel.  I’m super excited to be watching Mr Big in Singapore this weekend and can you believe that Green Day is coming to Singapore in January??  We bought the tickets this morning!! :mrgreen:

Food has been random since the last time I blogged because everything was quick, easy and packed to go.  There’ll be tons of pictures after this because I think they speak for themselves.

This is one of the worst pasta I’ve ever tasted.  It was supposed to be a seafood pasta, but it was so bleh…overcooked spaghetti, too much bland pasta sauce, stingy with prawns and squids.


This little cookie here is amazing, it was given to me at work and it was tiny.  Simple list of ingredient with sugar, lotus seeds, flour, it was soft and chewy.


The most elaborate meal I’ve cooked all week was this yummy vegetable coconut curry.  I’ll post the recipe up in the next few days.


This is the ultimate curry powder to use for making a good curry.


My plate.


I also consumed a lot of these…

DSCN1262 Bought a brand new fridge over the weekend!!!!  This was long overdue and we finally found something we like for a good price.


My black beauty with lots of space inside.


I cleaned and scrubbed the whole weekend to welcome this beauty into our kitchen.

And of course, I had to eat after the deep clean.

DSCN1277Omelet, sautéed zucchini, baked beans and sliced tomatoes.

And yesterday night, we went out for dinner with a friend in Chat Masala and I ordered fried rice, chicken varuval, bhindi masala and gopi65.

DSCN1303 Mutton fried rice.

DSCN1305 Chicken varuval.

DSCN1304 Gopi65 (fried cauliflower in spiced batter).

All these are vegetarian of course. 🙂

Beauty Product Review

I’ have recently bought the St Ives Exfoliating Apricot Shower Scrub to try and it is amazing! One of the best shower foam that I’ve ever used.


I seem to be going on an apricot theme here as far as beauty products are concerned. ;)  This smells so good and it is formulated without paraben, as written at the bottom.  This is the only St Ives shower scrub that I see formulated without paraben, it’s slightly more expensive compared to the other types but I realised that I only need a a squirt per shower as the gel is pretty thick.


Tortilla and hummus wraps + soup is on the menu tonight.  I have a conference call from 8pm to 9.30pm..:(, but after that I should be able to relax and have an early night.  See you guys later!


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