A Good Day

Today is a good day because I’ve managed to get a lot done and I’m still chugging along, although now I’m taking a small break to post ;).  Dinner yesterday at the Couryard Garden was a blast, lots of food and good company, but I only sampled some of the food because I had another dinner date waiting for me at home. 🙂

Some pics from yesterday…

DSCN1227A nice dinner setup, buffet style at the restaurant, this place is actually a house converted to a restaurant/bar situated nearby my work place.

DSCN1230Cozy couches for lounging.

My plate..

DSCN1238 I started with some mixed green salad witn Italian dressing, and green pea soup.  The salad dressing was amazing, and the soup was mediocre.

Then I had some aglio e olio, pineapple rice, some chinese stir fry veggies and a spring roll.

DSCN1240 I ate a small spoonful of the rice, 1/2 the pasta and all the veggies.  The food was ok but not great.

I also had some lychee juice to drink, waay too sweet but they didn’t have anything else except beer, which I hate.


The highlight of the evening was this amazing piece of dessert – After Eight Dark Mint Chocolate, I practically devoured it and it was gone in 2 seconds!


Excuse the bad nails, I’m still trying to find some time to remove those old nail polish.. 😳

So let’s back track a little, I didn’t eat any breakfast yesterday morning because I woke up really late in the morning and had to rush for a meeting, but I did have an awesome lunch.

DSCN1221 Lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, cucumbers, avocado and hard boiled eggs with Paul Newman’s Light Honey Mustard dressing.  And then I was hungry 3 hours later got treated to an iced latte.

DSCN1222 I needed this boost because I was feeling the noon slump.

And soon after I had a bunch of trail-mix.

DSCN1223 It’s so much cheaper to make my own trail mix compared to buying the prepackaged one, for one, those are usually not fresh and it is so expensive in KL, if I mix my own, I get to put in all the nuts and seeds which I like.  This one I made has got pumpkin seed, raisins, dried apricot, dried cranberries, and semi sweet Hershey’s chocolate chips.

When I got home from the work dinner, I made a quick salad and heated up some tomato soup for a second dinner.

DSCN1247 I bought the Pacific Organic tomato soup and tried it for the first time, it was very good, both me and Ramin liked it a lot, it has got milk, cheese, cane sugar, organic crushed tomatoes, garlic and onions already in it.

DSCN1246This carton is about RM9.88 and it’s about 2 servings per carton, I will try this the next time by adding some carrots, zucchini and celery into it for more fiber and staying power.

I also made hummus and pita chips! but I forgot to take a picture of both. :(  I’ll post up my hummus recipe and pita chips later today, I can’t seem to find pita chips in KL and I love it because it’s a healthier alternative to regular chips, it’s basically crispy pita, I toasted a slice of pita in the pan until crispy and cut it into triangles for dipping in hummus…it was awesome!

I’m planning to go for a run and make a vegetable coconut curry tonight for dinner, and before I forget, We’ll probably be running at this race on October 25!  I’ll write about it more once we have confirmed if we’re going to run.  Have a good day!


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