Still Oatless

Hello there, good Tuesday morning! 🙂 I’m still craving for oatmeal and I still haven’t had a chance to make it yet this week.  I think I will make some overnight oats tonight since I know I won’t have time in the morning to cook it.  We had the best evening ever yesterday because we finally went for our first run!! Yay!  I can tell I’m so out of shape because I felt like dying after only 1KM, that was so pathetic :(, but I can’t wait for the next run tomorrow morning and I’m aiming for 2 KM.  I had a very bad headache during the run, and Ramin said that was because my body is getting rid of the toxins, and I felt much better after gulping down water afterwards.  Ramin also said that I should stretch my legs and lean my body forward as if I’m about to fall when running, this helps me to speed up and I won’t feel tired.  I have a tendency to “jog” and keep my legs very close together, which makes me tired very easily.  I’m definitely rocking out some tunes with my MP3 on my next run 8), because I think it will make the run so much more enjoyable.

On the food side of things, meals were very random yesterday,  because I was in and out of meetings, but I did redeem myself by making the most amazing sandwich for dinner.

DSCN1218  This is an omelet sandwich with avocado spread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper and the ingredient that made this sandwich is brie!  Brie is an excellent cheese to use on sandwiches because it is soft and gooey when toasted.  I’m already planning to a make brie & apple sandwich for work tomorrow…yum!

I also snacked on more watermelon.


There is a work dinner party that I’ll be going to this evening and I plan to just have some appetizers and then go home and have a proper dinner with the boyfriend.  I made a salad to eat for lunch and hope that can fill me up until the late evening!!!

Have a good day at work!


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  1. hi babe… nice blog 🙂

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