Adios to the Weekend

Goodbye Sunday & hello Monday! Another weekend has come and gone and there is still so much to do!  We went to our local SPCA today to celebrate the World Animal Day together with hundreds of dogs and cats at the shelter.


Candles were lit as a sign of renewing personal pledges towards all animals.

DSCN1206 It is sad that we now have world animal days and earth days to “remind” people to be kind and to switch off the lights when this should be common sense to any living human beings who are supposed to be intelligent enough to figure this out on their own.  We are excited to have received some free spay/neuter vouchers from SPCA because we could use this to spay/neuter and release some of the dogs that we have come across.  We have also signed up to be a volunteer for obedience training for the dogs in the shelter so that they can stand a better chance to be adopted after the training.

It hasn’t been a very productive day according to my to-do list :(, this means I’ll have to play catch up this upcoming week.

Despite waking up at 11am in the morning, I still managed to eat a great yogurt bowl breakfast . 🙂

DSCN1198 Yogurt drizzled with some honey, Tesco fibre flakes with pieces of banana, raisins, coconut and almond flakes, and 1/2 a chopped apple, mmmmm…….I haven’t had yogurt for breakfast in a while and this was amazing.  At around 3pm, I had a slice of toast with PB and jam before we head to SPCA.

DSCN1204 Once back,  I made a quick stir fry of french beans & tofu in garlic & ginger sauce.

DSCN1213 There is a lot of leftovers that I’ll probably be taking to work for lunch tomorrow.  I actually dislike repeating my meals but I hate to waste food, so I guess this will have to do.

I also had some watermelon for dessert.  I hate watermelon with lots of seeds, and this is definitely not my favorite kind, the bad news is that I still have a lot to eat because I bought a huge one. 😦


We did a huge grocery shopping on Saturday night and I came home with a lot of fruits and vegetables for the week, and also a few interesting items.

DSCN1186 I bought this for Ramin to try but I somehow missed out the tiny “with sweetener” part at the bottom. 😦 This is a bad choice because the ingredient list contains maltitol, a kind of sugar alcohol that is often used as a sugar substitute in candies and nutrition bars.  And according to this article, products which use maltitol and other sugar alcohol as sweeteners can be called “sugar free”.:evil:  This is very misleading because the chocolate still contains some kind artificial sweetener but labeled as No Sugar Added.  I’m contemplating as to whether I should return this and get my money back.

Moving on to something more cheerful, I bought some organic rolled oats and baby oats to try, and Bob’s Red Mill 7 grain pancake and waffle mix!  I can’t wait to try this as we have always been buying the Pillsbury instant pancake mix.

DSCN1184Also bought this mini carton of juice to try, product of south Africa with no artificial flavors and sugar,  I have yet to try them, but it is impressive that this is the only one with a stellar ingredient list compared to the rest on the shelve.

DSCN1192 DSCN1195 We had dinner out on Saturday after shopping for groceries, because it was just too late to rush home and cook.  We went to Chat Masals at Brickfields.

Chicken Varuval.


Fish Masala…too salty and not very tasty compared to the bhindi masala which I would usually go for.


and mutton fried rice which was waaaay too spicy.


it goes to show that sometimes it is alright to order the usual. 😉

And just to back track a little bit more, I finally made pasta for dinner on Friday night and used up the zucchini & wilted broccoli in the fridge, but the outcome was still very tasty even with wilted veggies. 😀

My plate…whole what penne with Paul Newman’s tomato & basil pasta sauce, sauteed zucchini in EVOO, salt & pepper, steamed broccoli topped with grated asiago, parmesan & romano cheese.


I also would like to present to you….my new love, Kettle unsalted ships with cilantro salsa!


Alright folk, that pretty much wrapped up my weekends eats, and I need sleep right now!!  See you tomorow for a breakfast post and I’m dreaming of oatmeal!  I’ve missed it and would like to cook some for breakfast if I have the time. 🙂

And what could be a better way to end the weekend….with mutt pic of the week of course!!

meet Bambie, or Bambini.. 😀

DSCN1201 She is about 7 years old, rescued from her mean owner who almost put her down just because she was badly injured in an accident and had severe skin and ear infection.

Now she is thriving and happy.







One response to “Adios to the Weekend

  1. Bambie is absolutely gorgeous!

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