No Water = Pizza Night

Hello everybody, there was a water cut at my house yesterday evening due to some repair work at the main pond that provides water for our housing area.  I had every good intention to cook instead of eating out again but that didn’t happen because it’s impossible to wash or cook anything without a steady water supply.  So we made it a pizza night and ordered a huge pizza from Yellow Cab for dinner.


We were eating this in the car while watching a band played at a club nearby the pizza place.  As usual, this pizza was fabulous, we always order the Garden Special that comes with tomatoes, mushroom, bell peppers, onions, olives and garlic oil/chopped garlic.  I probably had about 2 huge slices. :oops:  I haven’t been cooking this whole week and there are things probably rotting in my fridge right now.  Thank god it’s Friday and I’m looking forward to a nice quiet dinner with a movie on at home.

Coming up, I’m attempting to make banana soft serve for the first time tonight!! :D  I hope I can rely on my magic bullet blender to blend to the desired consistency/texture which is like  ice-cream basically.  Imagine the possibilities…banana ice cream with toasted walnuts/pecans or chocolate coated almonds!!!

More pictures to come later…. Happy Friday! 🙂


One response to “No Water = Pizza Night

  1. woohoo! i tasted yellow cab pizza alas!
    yeap the secret ingredient is garlic oil hehe

    am curious bout ur banana soft serve wei…

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