Crazy Week

Hello!  We ended up eating out again yesterday night and I forgot my camera at work!!!  Now let me try to describe what I had.  We went to our regular Chinese vegetarian place and got take-away, a Cantonese fried noodle (fried noodle in egg gravy), nasi lemak (coconut rice with chili and curry) and assam laksa (noodle in sour & spicy soup).  I had another late night yesterday finishing up some work for a presentation, and woke up feeling groggy this morning.  And to make matters worse, I woke up late yet again and had to buy breakfast at work. :(  As you know, I’m trying to buy less lunches and drinks outside by bringing from home.

DSCN1155 This small iced latte and a cinamon roll cost me a whopping RM12!!!  I’m leaving half the coffee for an afternoon boost later.  Lunch was out as well with a friend in Bangdar’s Devi’s Corner for banana leaf.

DSCN1156 Rice with assorted vegetables served on a banana leaf – (from L to R) fried cauliflower in chili powder, fried bittergourd in spices, brinjal masala, stir fry green beans with onions and cucumber/carrot raita.  I try not to eat rice or heavy food during lunch because it makes me feel lethargic in the afternoon.  But this lunch was pretty good, just the right amount of food because usually when you go to an indian restaurant for a banana leaf meal, the waiters tend to pile on rice for you even though you did not ask for it. 🙂

It’s now back to work for me and I’ll see you guys later after dinner.  Not sure what I’ll have yet but I hope I’ll have time to cook tonight! Plus we are watching District 9 tonight and I can’t wait….I’ve heard good stuff from friends who have watched it.


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