Noodle Doodle

Happy Thursday everybody! It’s always a happy day knowing that we’re getting closer to the weekend. 🙂

I had the best yoga class ever yesterday, I worked really hard at making sure I got my techniques right and I can really feel the burn in the end.  I’ve decided to continue with another 8 classes with them as yesterday was our last class, it’s very expensive but I’m planning to see if I can do an installment by splitting the payment into 2 months, it’s totally worth it and I hope yoga will really help me in my running and posture in the long run.  The best thing about this particular instructor is that if you tell him any posture/health problems that you are currently facing, he will help you to work on it by teaching you specific poses and see if it can be improved. 

My housemate cooked dinner last night and she made one of her mom’s dishes, noodle in black sauce.


It was pretty good but a bit too salty for me, but I won’t complain since I didn’t have to cook yesterday. 😛 Oh, and Homer popped out from the noodles to say hi. :mrgreen:

I also bought some new beauty products to try out while I was waiting to be picked up yesterday from the studio.


St Ives Apricot scrub (many rave reviews online) and St Ives Apricot cleanser.


I will do a product review of these soon once I’ve used it a few more times.  I used it last night starting with the scrub, it gave me a burning sensation when I was scrubbing my face for about 2-3 minutes, but once I washed it off, my face actually felt cooling, I’m not sure if this is normal with scrubs?  As for the cleanser, it doesn’t foam up like most facial cleansers do, so I’m not really sure if  I’m not using enough of it’s just the way it is.  But one thing’s for sure, my face didn’t dry up last night after my shower like it usually does when I use the Eversoft cleanser.  And it seemed to be glowing or shiny…but then again it could be a psychological effect since I’m using a new product and all. 😉  Also peeping from the left on top of my apricot scrub is the TiGi bedhead Small Talk which I was talking about yesterday.

Anyway, I had a similar noodle lunch this afternoon and I’m still trying to shake off the flu and cough that I still have, so I thought some dark chocolate and a hot tumbler of tea might do the trick. 🙂


This chocolate is delicious with tea, but on it’s own, I find it too bitter for my liking and probably will not buy it again because it doesn’t have nuts in it.  I love my chocolates with nuts.

Dinner is still up in the air but I’m leaning towards soup and toasted bread, and maybe a salad on the side. 

See you soon!


2 responses to “Noodle Doodle

  1. hehe u hav a HOMER bowl??! neat~~

    the apricot scrub looks delish~~
    remember to message for a good 3-5mins
    enjoy exfoloating!!

    72% cocoa dark dark…me only tango with 50% max hehe
    thinking dinner already?! i will have soup today too

  2. Hey lovely lady! Yes, I will try to exfoliate for longer, I can be very impatient with these things. 😉 I” planning to make an Italian vegetable soup tonight…you have a good one as well!

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