All I Want To Do

is to go home and curl up in bed. 😦  I’m feeling really off today with a heavy head, puffy eyes, a sore throat and a bad cough.  I hope I will feel better after the yoga class tonight.  I’m looking forward to it as this will be my last beginner class. Yay!

We went out for lunch yesterday as well as for some shopping and I managed to get some “loot” 🙂  I bought 2 pairs of opaque black stcokings (to wear with my short dresses so that they look proper enough for work) and a new styling cream to try.  It’s the TiGi Bedhead Small Talk styling cream to achieve voluminous hair.  JooLyn recommended this brand and I looked it up in MakeupAlley, and sure enough it has received rave reviews overall.  I tried it for the first time this morning by pumping a small amount onto my palm, it feels really sticky at first but once I’ve applied it to my hair, magic happened and my hair became big and fluffy, just how I like it. 😀  I’ll try to take a picture tomorrow morning when I use it again as I was rushing out the door today.

from Google image

I made stir fry veggies for dinner again yesterday because I was too tired to cook anything else, and we had white rice instead of brown, because I dodn’t want to wait for the brown rice to soak.  I find that I always have to soak the brown rice for at least 30 minutes before cooking, if not it gets really grainy and hard no matter how much water I add.  Does anyone have the same problem?  I also packed some of the stir fry for my lunch today, and made some egg sandwiches to be eaten in the afternoon, I tend to get really hungry during my yoga class if I don’t eat something a few hours before.  The yoga teacher have told us that we shouldn’t eat 2 hours before class, so I plan to devour the sandwiches pretty soon after I’m done with this. 🙂


Egg sandwich (boiled 2 eggs and mashed it with some mayo (I hate mayo now, but I had to finish the bottle)wholegrain mustard, olive oil margarine, chopped onions, cucumbers, salt & pepper.

It’s going to be a late night for me, so I’ll probably blog tomorrow afternoon.  Have a great evening everyone!


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