Good Morning Sunshine and GM 2nd Dose

I woke up at the break of dawn today and immediately made another green monster. 😀


Today, i used a bunch of butterhead lettuce, a few grapes, banana, 2 starwberries, wheatgerm, orange juice and milk.  It tasted so fresh & delicious.  I wonder if it’s ok to make this GM the night before and drink it the next morning.  I’m going to try it tonight and see how it’ll affect the taste of the GM in the morning, this saves me some time without having to rush for work.

We had a delicious dinner of stir fry yesterday, while watching some interesting documentrary in YouTube based on the book Chariots of the Gods.


A blurry bowl of stir fry (carrots, celery, cauliflower, french beans, red bell pepper) sauteed in sauce of garlic, ginger, onion, organic sesame oil, organic soy sauce & vegetarian oyster sauce, served with bwon rice.  This is a huge green bowl as you can see the depth of it.  I got it for RM1.99 and I love the color.  I also had a bowl of cerea shortly after dinner because I was still feeling a bit empty inside. 😮  We’re going out to lunch and I must be off to shower and get ready.  Oh, and the benefit of waking up early is I’m able to wash 4 very dirty and smell mutts early in the morning. 😉

Here are two of them doing what they do best…


Have a great day everyone, and for those in Malaysia, enjoy the rest of your off day!


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