Green Monster Here I Come!

I’ve just lost the entire post that I spent writing the whole morning. 😦

I have been nursing a cold for the past 2 days and so I’ve decided to make my very first green monster this morning! 🙂  It turned out not too bad and I actually drank the whole thing. 🙂  Many healthy food/living blogs have been raving about the Green Monster for quite some time.  It is basically a healthy blended vegetable/fruit based drink that will give you loads of energy and glow if you drink it daily.  I’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback for this health drink, and since I’ve been feeling under the weather, I thought when could be a better day to try this than today?  So I plunged right in and came up with this…


It wasn’t too shabby for a first timer, and the concoction for this was butterhead lettuce ( a big bunch), banana, starwberries, wheat germ, orange juice & milk.  I might have put too much milk because instead of a nice “green” green monster, it turned out a bit milky.

I drank it like a champ still wearing my jammies at 8am in the morning. 😮


I couldn’t say I felt better after drinking this, but then again, this is my first and probably won’t “feel” any better until about a week of daily dose. 😉

I was craving soup for the past few days due to my sore & itchy throat, so I made minestrone on Friday.


First, I sauteed onions, garlic and 3 bay leaves in olive oil.  Then I added carrot, celery and potatoes.


Lastly, I added zuchini, chickpeas & tomato juice. (Campbell tomato juice concentrate)


Cover and simmer for about 20 minutes.  Server with cheese or yogurt.

I prefer mine with a dollop of yogurt on top.  Iate mine with some toasted wholegrain bread on the side.


And yesterday, I tried another new dish.dhal curry (lentil curry).  It turned out delicious and this will definitely be my staple in the comfort food category.


Dhal curry with rice in my favourite Homer bowl. 😀 I squeezed some lemon juice and ground some black pepper on top for an extra kick.  I have been sleeping all afternoon, but I’m not feeling any better, I’m of to feed the dogs, and tidy up the kitchen before cooking dinner.  I have a vegetable stir fry with brown rice  in mind.  Tomorrow is the last day of the long break and I still have tons to do. 😦

On the agenda:
– give schnoof and other dogs a bath
– lunch with an old relative of ours (we’re going to Niche!)
– grocery shopping
– scrub kitchen and laundry ( 1 more load)
– make dinner and pack lunch
– get work outfits ready

I’m also going to start following my running schedule which I have printed from Runner’s World for beginners.  I’ll blog more about it tomorrow.

Mutt Pic of the Week – Jet frolicking in the grass with his bone

Have a great Monday everyone! 🙂


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