Veggie Burgers, Pasta, Yoga and Everything in Between

Hello, I have been missing in action from here the past two days and I apologize.  I’m playing catch at work and at home, hence the lack of posts.  But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating. 🙂

I ended up eating veggie burgers which I made the other day for two whole days! Talk about leftovers, but my boyfriend likes it so I guess all is good. 😉  If you’re looking for an alternative to meat burgers, you should really try this recipe from 101 cookbooks, I really like this recipe because unlike other veggie burgers that are made from soy or some kind of flour, this one “bean based”, which makes it more nutrional (more protein) & healthier.  I sandwich this with one wholewheat bun and it really filled me up, plus it’s really tasty.  But the next time, I will make my patties thinner so that I can get the crunch on the outside and softness on the inside.

Yesterday’s dinner with sauteed potatoes in olive oil, garlic, onion, salt, black pepper on the side, sprinkled with some hot sauce (nando’s garlic peri peri).


This meal filled me up, but I think it wasn’t really a well balanced meal because it was lacking in greens, it was more of a protein(beans)/carbs(bread/potatoes) meal.  It would be complete with a simple salad on the side and less potatoes.

As for yesterday’s dinner, I made pasta with the Classico roasted tomato and garlic sauce, wholewheat pasta from Tesco and blanched carrots and brocoli on the side, with a tiny sprinkle of parmesan, romano and asiago cheese from Kraft.


I love the shape of this pasta, it reminds me of snails or some kind of sea shell.

I have a yoga class tonight and I have to get going soon after I finish devouring this apple.


I learn yoga once a week at this place in Bangsar called Yoga2Health with a really experienced instructor, and I have greatly improved in terms of flexibility and balancing.  I’m not sure if this is phsycological but it seemed to have helped a bit with my heartburn/indigestion problem after practicing yoga.  I love the initial breathing exercise that he’ll lead us through at the beginning of every class, explaining the benefits and parts of the body affected for each position and the great feeling I get after every class.  I don’t know why anybody bother with drugs. 🙂 

I will try to take some pictures tonigh and blog it tomorrow if the studio allows me to do so, definitely a great place to learn, although I’m not loving the jerks blaring their music in their clubs/restaurants or the car owners who think it’s cool to blare their honks as though their life depend on the street outside the studio. 😦

See you later for an after dinner post!


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