Productive Day

Happy Saturday to everyone!  We had a very productive day here at home.  We’ve finally cleaned up our front porch, minus the floor scrubbing which I’ll do tomorrow because we ran out of time and it was getting dark.  Since it was getting late and I was exhausted from the cleaning, we’ve decided to go out for dinner.  We went to our usual place, Niche Vegetarian nearby our house for some Chinese vegetarian goodness. 🙂

I ordered a noodle dish with gravy and some vinegar for dipping.


We also had vegetarian satay for the first time!! It was quite good but it would be better if the satay was grilled instead of fried. 😦


The satay sauce was interesting.  It reminded me of chicken rendang gravy.  We also tried the butter prawns and it was just alright, I wouldn’t order it again.


We wanted ice-cream after dinner, but it was already after 10PM and most of the shop were already closed.  So we drove home instead. 

I woke up at 7.30AM this morning and had some orange juice and toast.


Olive oil spread with strawberry jam on whole wheat sunflower poppy seed bread.  I had another marmite toast and 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwich, some fruit (guava) and a small bowl of cereal (Tesco Fruit & Fibre –  Crunchy Wheat Flakes with raisins, banana, coconut, apple, hazelnuts & almonds..yum)  in the afternoon.



My yummy bowl of cereal.

We’ll be doing more cleaning tomorrow and probably take a short break in the afternoon to watch come chi kung demonstration.  I was informed byt the yoga studio that a team of chi kung masters fro China will be giving a demonstration tomorrow in Bangsar.   iused to practice chi kung when I was still in school, and I won’t say that’ Ive enjoyed it, but as I grow older, I realised that tai chi, chi kung and yoga can be very beneficial for one’s well being, furthermore the demonstrations is free, so there’s no harm dropping by to check it out!  I’ll take some pictures if I can.

Goodnight eveybody!  See you in the morning.


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