Bidding Farewell at Tony Roma’s

Good evening, I hope everyone is enjoying Friday night.  I just fed the dogs, took a shower and will be heading to bed soon.

Some of us from work had organized a farewell dinner tonight to big one of our team mate goodbye.  We went to Tony Roma’s as requested by our team mate.  This was my first time there and I’ve heard rave reviews about their steaks and ribs, which i don’t eat. 🙄  le’ts just say I will ot eat in this restaurant again because the food wasn’t great (greasy and yucky) and the service was nothing to shout about, and it was expensive.

We ordered an onion loaf and fried mushrooms for appetizers.


The onions were half cooked and the batter tasted powdery…and look at how oily it was….ewwwww!

Next came the fried mushroom with some kind of lemon herb sauce on the side.


The mushrooms were ok, but again the batter was powdery, and look at the amount of oil!!

Then I ordered a salmon scampi to share, but it was s oily and the salmon wasn’t tender on the inside and crispy on the how it should be, in fact it was overcooked and the salmon didn’t taste fresh.  it was blahh..


A very dissapointed meal that left me feeling bloated and an unhappy way. 😦

I’m off to chug water and get into bed.  See you tomorrow!


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