The Best Dark Chocolate Ever!

I’ve found my favourite dark chocolate,  and it’s from Carrefour! Cheap and amazingly good.


I bought this a few months back because it was really cheap considering it was imported chocolates, but it turned out to be amazing.  Dark chocolate with almonds, I could have polished this off in a jiffy but thank god I have a lot of self control ;), I spread the deliciousness to over a week. 🙂

It’s 25% dark chocolate, which I think is perfect, because I can still enjoy the creaminess but it’s less sweet.  I dislike very dark chocolate because it’s too bitter.


Great nutritional and allergy information at the back, but it’s all in French. 😦

The other dark chocolate that I really like is this – Tesco dark chocolate with almonds.  See the theme going on here..nuts and chocolates.. 🙂


The picture really does reflect the amount of nuts in the chocolate bar, which is how I like it!  This is darker chocolate compared to the Carrefour brand, but I love it because you have at least a nut in every bite/square.


2 nuts in one square of chocolate!!

Since I’m on a chocolate theme today, I also bought this chocolate spread to try, well actually my boyfriend bought this try, and I might take a few spoonfuls for the purpose of comparing it with Nutella. 😉  I’ll let you guys know how it is once we’ve actually opened the bottle.



Also, never ever buy something just because the packaging looks good..obviously. 🙄


It turned out exactly like the picture but it tasted horrible.  Note to self…always make your mac & cheese from scratch using all natural ingredients (real cheese, milk and whole wheat macaroni).

I didn’t enjoy the yoga session today because our instructor is on leave and the session was with a different instructor.  I felt that she didn’t work us hard enough, and she wasn’t very focused on correcting our mistakes, so I went home and browse through my “Instructing Hatha Yoga” by Kathy Lee Kappmeier, which is a really good book by the way, and my boyfriend got it at the MPH books warehouse sale for me, paying only RM50 for a RM160 book. 😀


So according to the book, I think we did Ashtanga yoga today, which is explained in this section of the book.


We had a total of 5 classes at the studio and I don’t think my posses are stable and strong enough to benefit from ashtanga.  We did learn a some new posses from the instructor  though and I plan to explore it deeper on my own.

Since this is such a random post from chocolates to yoga, I might as well present to you my two kitties.


Hansel (front) & Gretel (back in the box).  Brother and sister, orphaned because their mother got hit by a car when they were babies.  They are now almost 2 years old and they have beautiful blue eyes, I get mesmerised looking into their eyes sometimes, so clear and blue. 🙂

Weekend is around the corner and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to it.  It’s now almost 2AM in the morning and I’m supposed to wrap up some work for a meeting tomorrow but I’m blogging away at this time?!! 😕

At least I have the kitties and Joni Mitchell to keep me company. 😉

Good night!


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