It’s a Wrap

Good afternoon!  Time is flying by today and I’m so glad it’s Friday.  I had a lovely breakfast today of toast with olive oil spread and strawberry jam.


I made a wrap for lunch, and I gobbled it down. 😳 


I bought a packet of extremely thin wraps from cold storage some time back and it needs to be eaten asap.  So I made a wrap this morning for lunch.  I lightly toasted the wrap and then spread on corn and bean salsa, chopped lettuce, onions, bell pepper and avocado.  It was quite delicious although the wrap was a bit soggy after several hours.

I knew I’ll still be hungry so I cut some cucumbers, sprinkled black pepper and added some balsamic vinaigrette for some extra something.


Also had an orange.


And a cappucino.  This was a very bad idea because I’m feeling really quesy right now…probably because of the 2 shots of espresso. 😦  I think drinking coffee after lunch is bad for me and I should have it in the morning instead.  I love my boyfriend’s coffee that he sometime make in the morning  using a french press, just coffee and milk but it’s always divine!  I might be going for a farewell dinner tonight but yet to be confirmed.  See you later tonight for a dinner recap!


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