Finally….I’m blogging again!! 😳  This have been a very long break and I’m happy to be back. 🙂

I went to Europe for a two weeks vacation and was back home 2 weeks ago, but I was so busy that I didn’t have moment to sit down and take a breather.  I was on the run almost everyday for work, house work, errands, bills etc.  I’m now slowly getting back on track and I’m planning to slow down a little bit for the rest of August.

I will not do a lenghty post about my vacation but I do have some pictures to share!


My first meal in the UK, fish and chips with baked beans….i was so hungry the next morning after arrving very late at night in Nottingham that anything tasted really good at that time.

picture 392

Graduation dinner at Jee-Ja-Jee’s, supposed to be a famous indian restaurant, the one we went to is at Kegworth, Derbyshire.


Consumed lots of chocolates in the hotel room.


The view from my hotel room in Koblenz, Germany.


Walking into the city of Koblenz.

picture 403

picture 414

picture 417



Dinner at Palais (restaurant + bistro), I had food poisoning after this meal and I don’t think I’ll ever eat in that restaurant again.

But breakfast at the Eisntein cafe was excellent! 🙂


Cooked to prefection scrambles eggs, smokes salmon, olives, feta cheese, bacon and sausages.


Also had a bowl of really good cereal.

We also went for ice cream at this famous place in a shopping mall that I can’t remember the name of.  The ice cream portions here are huge.


3-4 people can share this, but I polished it off on my own. :mrgreen:

And then we had Mexican food.


Not my favourite meal, I had a veggie burrito with spanish rice and salad doused heavily in mayo…ewww.

I wasn’t doing much when I was back in the UK so I didn”t take any interesting pictures that are blog worthy.

The best thing after coming back to KL was leaving for the NIN show in Singapore the week after!  Wow…it was a fantastic show.  I really like the band after watching them live.



Lots of excitement in the month of July/August. 🙂  We’re going for another show in October…Mr Big in Singapore!!!  That is going to be another awesome show.

I’m trying to get back on track in terms of packing lunch/eating healthy, but I have been eating out a lot since I came back, so I made a point to pack breakfast and lunch to work today.

I had a bowl of Kashi GoLean Crunch (honey almond flax) for breakfast this morning.


And for lunch, I had leftover yogurt vegetable curry and rice.


It was a yummy lunch with a crunchy apple for dessert, the apple was in my tummy before I could take a picture!

I’m now sipping on an ice latte and nibbling on some dark chocolate… a yummy afternoon boost.


I’ll be planning meals and a grocery list this week to keep my waistline and wallet in check. 😉  Tonight, we are having pasta for dinner, not sure how I’ll be making it yet but I think it’ll involve penne, sun dried tomatoes, broccoli, zuchini, asparagus, chili flakes and lot of grated parmesan!


One response to “Finally….

  1. such a fun reading post! so random and so much to see!!
    must hav fish & chips in UK lol…i found a good authentic one in KL – the magnificent fish shop runs by a Brit.

    luv your travel photos at Koblenz..
    wahh cello player by the street..the fountain is quite amazing..
    OMG giant ice-cream!!

    nin made an appearance in your blog eh…u rocker chic!
    ehh i hav yet to try your kashi lol
    make me ONE

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