Weekend Wrap Up

 Hello!  I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend before getting back to work tomorrow.  I had a relaxing one so far and I’m now getting some work done for a meeting tomorrow.  Looks like my weekend is officially over now. 😦

We made a crazy move yesterday by buying 2 dozen of Krispy Kreme donuts at the new store in Mid Valley!!  I had a bite of the original glazed and one of the Hershey’s Dark Chocolate and they were soooo sweet that it I felt sick after gobbling down the second piece!  I think I’m done with donuts for now and most probably won’t be eating any donuts for the next 6 months!  The boyfriend and the housemate can have the rest. 🙂


I went to Village Grocer on Friday to stock up on bread, yogurt & fruits and ended up spending way more than intended. 😳  I used to buy the Gardenia wholemeal bread all the time until I found out about this brand at the Village Grocer called Mrs Macgregor.  I’m not sure if the baker’s name is really Mrs Macgregor but she/he bakes excellent bread.  Although it’s much more expensive than Gardenia but check out the bread!


This is wholemeal loaf costs RM8 but look at it! There’s poppyseeds & sunflower seeds on the bread, the best thing is that  I always feel satisfied and that I have eaten “bread” instead of a slice of…something that tasted vaguely of bread.  It’s amazing.  And since I love Mrs Macgragor’s bread so much, I splurged and bought 1/2 a loaf of her apricot & cranberries bread and 1/2 a loaf of her raisin bread.  Both did not dissapoint, eqully amazing!


And…I found Pacific Naturals soup as well!!! I’ve been reading  great reviews about this brand of soup on the internet for years and  I can’t wait to try it.  I bought the butternut squash and the tomato soup, I was looking for the carrot ginger soup as well but I guess they did not carry that. 😦



You can’t see here that  can get really excited about grocery shopping. 😉  My next mission is to find the Annie’s Homegrown products which has a lot of rave reviews online.  I think they carry a lot of organic and all natural products in the states like frozen food, salad dressings, pasta, canned soup etc.  I’ll have to go scout around in the local organic food shops and see if they carry this brand.

I also bought a huge bunch of bananas and plan to incorporate it into oatmeal, sandwiches, snacks and smoothies.


I also bought a very expensive bottle of honey, but I was trying to justify the purchase by thinking that I should at least try real honey for once in my life, so I bought a bottle of  manuka honey.


Manuka honey is from bees that feed on the manuka bush (tea tree), so the honey has antibacterial properties that will help in healing wounds.  I tried this on Saturday night by putting a teaspoon into my peppermint tea.  It’s the most excellent honey that I’ve ever tasted.  Mildly sweet and complemented the tea nicely.  I’m sure this will go very well on bread, or oatmeal. 🙂

Anyway, we had brunch again this morning because I woke up at 9AM and had to rush out when we got an Arjun call.  I ended up buying some food from the Old Town market.  We seldom have nasi lemak for breakfast because it a very unhealthy breakfast, but it tasted so good!


I also bought chee cheong fun…my favourite!


It is now 5pm and I still feel full from brunch.  Dinner is still up in the air but I’ll most probably be cooking at home since we had dinner out yesterday, and the boyfriend have plans to go jamming tonight.  So I’ll probably be pottering around at home with the dogs and getting things together for work tomorrow, and not to mention that I still haven’t put my packing list together and I’m leaving in a week for vacation!!!  I might have a snack in the evening to hold me over till dinner.  See you later tonight!  Enjoy the rest your Sunday evening!


One response to “Weekend Wrap Up

  1. holy sheeet! you do enjoy shopping groceries kekeke
    ohh i wanna checkout the bread by Mrs Macgregor…
    so far me liking the loaf pastries@pavillion and being a member has lotsa discounts!

    i hav yet to try krispy creme-not a big fan of donuts..

    yumyum manuka honey is good stuff – keep us young too!

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