Time Flies

Happy Wednesday everyone!  I’m having another yoga session today at a different yoga studio (free class! :)) and I’ve heard good things about this one in Bangsar.  The week is flying by quickly and I still have tons of work to do before my vacation!

I have been doing a lot of pantry lunches with the girls this week and I really enjoyed it, much better than eating out and furthermore, I can save some money by bringing lunches from home. 🙂

These are random pictures of food that I’ve eaten for the past week.


Big, sweet, juicy strawberries hand plucked from Cameron Highlands.  I’ve frozen the rest and can’t wait to make a smoothie with this.


Croissant with Babybel cheese.


Vegetarian curry laksa at the Giant Bowl.  It was really yummy.


and nasi lemak, which was bleh.

I also ordered the vegetarian bak kut teh to try, the soup was nice but they put too much mushrooms and fake meat in it. 😕

I had dinner with the yoga buddies at the Indian Kitchen in Bangsar yesterday, and as always, the food was amazing.  I’ve raved about it here before.  I ordered what I had the last time, which was vegetable pakoras (deep fried veggies in spiced batter), palak paneer (spinach in curd cheese), bhindi masala (okra fried in spices), garlic naan, rasam, gobi 65 (fried cauliflower) and cashew halva for dessert.  We ordered more than 10 dishes to share among us and it was only RM160!

We started with the vegetable pakoras.


Rasam ( hot & spicy tomato soup)




Palak paneer (curd cheese in spinach), I think those are shredded paneer on top.  Then came the bhindi masala (okra cooked in spices with onions. garlic & tomatoes)..my favourite!!



We also ordered prawn & vegetable biryani rice.



Garlic naan, hot and fluffy.


and Gobi 65!! Another one of my absolute favourite.


With Joo Lyn, one of the 3 yoga buddies.  That’s mango lassi I was drinking, it was too sweet for my liking.  I packed home garlic naan and vegetable biryani for the boyfriend, took a shower and tumbled into bed.  We have decided to sign up for yoga claases at the studio that we went today because the instructor is really good although it is quite expensive.  But my goal for yoga is to go for a few really good classes and practice at home for the majority of the time, with the exception for perhaps if they organize a full day yoga retreat/session in the city, then I might consider practising in a group.


One response to “Time Flies

  1. eeeek my face is here lol ahem* am honored 😛
    thanks for reviewing the food at IndianKitchen…
    caused i could hardly remember the names lol

    ohh and thanks for treating me dinner the other day!
    i like palak panner, briyani, gobi65 and rasam to start off

    comeback from your vacation & we will begin our yoga alrightie!
    tall & beautiful…fit & firm

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