Hello all, I had a great time yesterday at the dinner and movie with friends.  We left the office at around 7pm and went to Spaghetti Grill for dinner.  The food was meh but I I’ve got good campany so it was still bearable. 😉


This place is actually under the same management as Chili’s, but the food was horrible.  I ordered off the set dinner which was RM16.95++.  It came with a starter (soup), maincourse (I ordered the seafood pasta) and supposedly a dessert, but they forgot to serve it to us!!


The best part of the meal would be the appetizer, we ordered the mozarella cheese sticks which was good.


I had one with marinara sauce.


We also ordered the fried calamari, which was ok, but not amazing.


I had a few of these dipped in marinara.


That was my mushroom soup starter on the right and it tasted horrible. 😦  I’m sure it was from a can, probably Campbell’s soup.

And more dissapointment was served when they handed me my pasta.


I think this was supposed to be a creamy marinara seafood pasta, but the sauce was tasteless, pasta was overcooked and they were stingy with the seafood.  Another let down.  I didn’t finish the spagetthi and I also left the bread on the plate because it was just plain old garlic bread.

A friend of ours koined us in the middle of dinner and ordered two more appetizers, the baked mussels and stuffed mushrooms!


I had two of these, I think it was abit overbaked as the cheese wasn’t nice and gooey, but sort of dry, but a drizzle of lemon on it made it more bearable.  As for the stuffed mushroom, nothing to shout about.


This wasn’t a very satisfying meal and I don’t think I will come and eat at this place again.  Our movie was at 9:30PM and the cinema was quite crowded for a Thursday night.  I forgot to bring my shawl to the movie and was freezing my butt off half way through. 😦  The first Transfomers was much better than this one because it still had some story attached to it.  This one was like scenes after scenes of fighting and tranforming that I got quite bored after a while.  And the fact that Megan Fox could look perfect with makeup still in tact after a run through the dessert is unbelievable.  She wasn’t acting intelligently and it seemed like they just put her in the movie to show off her face & body and not her talent.  I would rather watch Miss marple or Poirot anyday. 🙄

It was a long movie (2 hr 20 min) and I reached home around 12.30AM!  I took a shower and collapsed into my bed until 8:30Am in the morning!  I’ll be going to the Pet World 2009 tonight and perhaps stock up on some grocery for the upcoming week.  Another busy week ahead and I plan to bring lunch everyday to work to save some money…so a lot of prepping to do over the weekend.  And I think the house desperately need a vacumn and the dogs need a bath.

Happy Friday everyone!


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