Good Eats

I’ve been missing in action again for the past few days due to a really busy schedule.  But I still have time to eat of course and these are some of the seriously good stuff that I’ve eaten while maintaining my very busy schedule. 😉

Lots of chocolates!



I haven’t tried this yet but it looks so tempting at Watson’s that I bought 2 ! – Hazelnut & Fruit & Nuts.


Chocolates are not the only food that I eat, obviously…I make sure I eat my fruits first.


A perfect plum, sweet and crunchy with a tangy skin.


Indian mangoes!  They are the best.


and persimmons, versy sweet and juicy.

I’ve missed my morning oatmeal and haven’t been making them for a while, so instead of rushing in the morning to make my oats before work, I made overnight oats instead. 🙂


I added some milk to rehydrate the oats in the microwave the next day and I put way too much, it became watery oats. 😦 but it was still good.  Oats combo – 1/3 cup rolled oats, 1/2 a sliced banana, blueberries (put in after reheating oats) and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

We have been doing pot luck lunch at work with a few friends and we had a wide spread of food at the pantry during lunchtime lamost everyday for the past week! 🙂


Whole wheat pasta in Newman’s Own Marinara with self added cannelini beans.  This was a bit meh, probably because the sauce was a few days old from the fridge. 😳



Salmon in tamari with garlic & onions by Hui Yen.  This was really yummy.


Sauteed asparagus with prawns, onions & garlic, also courtesy of Hui Yen, you can see a chef is in the making. 😉

Lunch today was nothing more than spectacular with a great spread brought from home by everyone.



My split pea soup!  I’m already planning to have this again for lunch tomorrow.


Elva’s yummy lunch, she made porrdige last night!  She also brought her mom’s home cooked food, mixed veggies stir fry and chicken with potatoes.  And the okra stir fry is from our stir fry queen, Hui Yen.  She also made french beans with prawns and that was really good.

We can’t really end such a great lunch without a great dessert..


Joo Lyn shared some nougat that she bought from Australia last month.  It was sinful.  I think I’ve gorged on 3 to 4 pieces of these!!?  I can’t really keep track.

You could tell that we were extremely stuffed at the end with that expression on my face.


We are going out for pizza before the movie tonight and I already know what I’m going to order.  Talk about being greedy. :mrgreen:  What can I say…I always think about food.

I went for my very first yoga class yesterday and my legs felt like lead today. 😦  The 1 hr session was alright but I find that it was a bit too fast for me to concentrate on getting my postures right.  I had a few cramps in between the moves. 😦  But I did sweat a bit and it was fun doing it together with another 2 friends. 8)  We are going to try another session in a different studio next week and it will be a better session, because the instructor is opening a class on Wednesday just for us!  How cool is that?

One more day to go before the weekend!


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