Friday At Last!

Hi everyone,  I’ve been really busy for the past week and sorry again for the lack of posts. redface I’ll be buried with work until mid July so that I can finish everything on time to go for my vacation!  Since I have been really busy, my meals have been quite monotonous, with LOTS of repeats for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I have also been skipping breakfast quite often for the past week, which is bad because I’m trying to get out of that bad habit!

Anyway, I did attend a fun dinner on Wednesday to “celebrate” my manager’s departure from the current company to go graze on greener pastures. This place is called the Tasting Room located in Bangsar.  It’s a restaurant + wine bistro kind of place, and the food is quite good, especially the mushroom soup.  We started the night with some drinks, I don’t really care much for the wine and I was pretty hungry, so I was hoping everyone will arrive soon so that we can start on the appetizer.  But as you know, Malaysians will always presume that dinner at 7pm means they can arrive at 8pm. 👿  But it’s worth the wait because the soup, mushroom bruschetta & escargot was really tasty!

DSCBaked Escargot

Escargot! I think this is baked  in lots of garlic and butter…

Baked Escargot

I had one on a piece of baguette, I think they should have served this on a piece of focaccia.  The herb on the bread will go really well with this.  Then I went to town with these mushroom bruschetta… was really good.

Mushroom Bruschetta

I didn’t keep track, but I think I ate about 3.  I can’t really tell what’s in the mushroom, but it tasted like sauteed mushroom with lots of butter and cream.

They also served meatballs, but I never liked red meat so I didn’t have any.


I chose the salmon steak for my main course, we had a choice of lamb, salmon or pasta.

Salmon Steak

The best part was the bottom part where the layer of salmon was crunchy, I don’t quite like sauce that came with it and I would have requested it to be on the side if I knew that it would be covered in it, and I would prefer more veggies on the side as well.  But in overall, it was a good meal.

And for dessert, it was strawberry creme brulee, it was way too sweet, it be would better without the strawberries and sugar.

What did I eat for the past 1 week…..

Yellow CabPizza

DSCN0590Lots of trail-mix.

I just had a hard disk failure and lost most of my pictures. 😦  So I guess this post will have to do for now.


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