Work Breakfast/Lunch

I ate both my breakfast and lunch at my desk today because I want to finish everything early today and get the weekend started!  I couldn’t make oatmeal this morning so I switched it to a breakfast sandwich instead.


Poppyseed & pumpkin seed wholemeal bread with laughing cow cheese and Morning Star breakfast patties.  It wasvery filling.  I think I’ll go or half a slice of bread the next time, but nevertheless, it was delicious!

For lunch, I had veggies & rice from downstairs.


Nothing special, just veggies, tofu & rice.  I can’t wait to have my snack later and I already know what it will be. 🙂  I’m meeting up with a new friend for coffee after work and dinner is still up in the air.  I might also fit in a grocery shop since I have nothing much left in the fridge to prep for meals next week.  See you guys later tonight!  Happy Friday!


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