Need Sleep

Hi all, going to do a quick recap before I head off to bed.  I had the most amazing snack combo today – yogurt with blueberries and granola!  The combination of the sweet blueberries, cold thick yogurt and crunchy granola..mmmmm….I was in heaven.


This is really a fanstastic combination.  I never really buy blueberries because it is so expensive over here, but I think I’ll buy the frozen ones because the ones I ate was frozen and it was good.  The yogurt I ate was Yoplait and it was actually amazing…I ‘m now considering switching from Emmi to this one, it has a thicker & creamier consistency and less tangy compared to Emmi’s.  I’ll have to finish my tub of Emmi’s  first before I can switch to Yoplait.  As for the granola, I used this.


I usually have this as a treat as it’s pretty sweet on its own, by mixing it in the yogurt, it balanced out with the tanginess of the yogurt combined with the sweetness of the granola.

DSCN0595Heaven in a bowl.

I also had the juiciest peach.


The yogurt and peach has kept me full for almost 4 hours.  I’ll definitely have this again tomorrow. 🙂

On a less exciting note, I made pasta tonight with Newman’s Own Sockarooni sauce.


Sorry about the picture.  I couldn’t get rid of the shadows at the corner for some reason. 😦  I always buy Newman’s Own pasta sauce because the ingredients are all natural with 0 transfat.  I will usually buy marinara, but I wanted to try this sauce cause the name attracted me. 🙂  There’s tomato puree, diced tomatoes, red & green bell peppers, mushrooms, salt, sugar, soybean oil, onions, EVOO, spices & dried garlic.  It’s also pretty low in calories – 1/2 cup = 70 kcal.  The only downside is that the sodium content is pretty high (21%).  I’m still looking for the perfect jarred pasta sauce.  Most of the brands  has got that starchy, oniony taste which I dislike.  I also sauteed some zuchini on the side with olive oil, salt and pepper.  As for the pasta, it’s Tesco wholewheat spirals.  I always stock up my pasta from Tesco because it’s cheap and they have more variety in terms of pasta type (wholewheat, organic, different shapes).

I plan to have oatmeal tomorrow morning, leftover pasta for lunch and yogurt/blueberries/fruit for snack.  I’m already excited. 🙂

Have a good night.


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