Comfort Food

I left my camera in the office’s drawer!!!! 😦 Sorry guys, no dinner picture tonight.  But I’m sure with a little imagination, you can pretty much imagine what it looks like.

I took a nap after coming back from work and ended up sleeping for 3 hours!!  I opened my eyes and was so tempted to sleep until morning, but then I remembered the dogs, cats and humans need to be fed.  Cats!!! And I realised I’ve let them out to roam and forgot to put them back into the house.  They are now safe and sound back in the house..phew.  Kitty girl was already on the edge of the wall, thank god I woke up just in time to stop her from going to our neighbor’s garden.  They sure won’t be glad if I ring their door bell at 11:30pm at night asking to get into their compound to look for my cat.

Anyway, dinner tonight was simple and comforting.  When I’m too tired to even think of food, I’ll usually fall back to my rice, veggies and egg.  I stir fried baby bok choy with onions, garlic and salt.  I also fried some eggs and swirled marmite all over it…yum 🙂  I don’t know anybody who loves marmite as much as me, until I met Ramin.  Most of my friends don’t even know what that is.  There are different variations – bovril (which has got beef extract, vegemite and marmite).  Looks like a review of Marmite is necessary over here since I’ve loved it since i was a toddler.  I can eat it with anything, toasts, porridge, oats, rice, noodles.  Give me a bottle of Marmite and I’m good to go. 🙂

As mentioned, no picutres today since I don’t have my camera with me and I need to get some sleep ASAP!!



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